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Amazon Dash Buttons – Reviews, Hacks | August 2018

Amazon has established itself as the global leaders in E-commercial business yet it strives like a true champion to provide better service every odd day. For a customized solution to clothing they bought Amazon Wardrobe or for the daily supplies Amazon Pantry, Amazon Kindle bought the ultimate revolution in reading world with the simple motive of genuine ebooks at affordable price yet environmental friendly. And now we have the ultimate next generation shopping facility through Amazon Dash Buttons.

Amazon Dash buttons are customized and tailored products to help the customer buy the exact choice as they wish to. Amazon Dash Buttons are available in 2 ways:

Dash Buttons(HARD version)

You just forget to order her favorite candybar and you have no option to return home only to be scolded.RELAX! Amazon Dash buttons will take care of your worry through prompt service and efficient delivery.

  • The WiFi enabled version of Amazon Dash buttons to ensure that you never run out of your favorite stocks at home.
  • This is available in Amazon at just $4.99 and the best part is it’s completely made for you.
  • Dash Buttons look like a tiny box with a button to enable ordering your favourite items. It is completely wireless and operates in a pretty efficient manner of order-only basis.
  • It remains in sleep mode and just wakes up to send signal if the dash button is pressed, they come with a adhesive back so that you can stick it and remain at the most convenient place within your access.
  • Amazon Dash buttons are connected with your cell phone/tablet/PC only for an enhanced security feature that if any order is misplaced you can cancel them from your device of access within 30 mins of the order confirmation.
  • You can avail a first time credit of $4.99 when you buy your favorite dash button from Amazon which means first buy is free buy.
  • Amazon Dash buttons are only applicable for Amazon Prime customers and if you are one then you can avail your order with ease and grace.

Dash Buttons(SOFT)

Now this is where the twist in tale lies. Why go for the hardware when you can have all in software. If you are an Amazon Customer with a valid Prime subscription then it’s your lucky day mate! Time to avail the luck;

  • Amazon Dash buttons(SOFT) or simply Amazon Virtual Dash buttons are the latest you actually deserve.
  • When you buy something, just ship it along with Prime and you can avail the respective dash buttons in your account for free. Next time you want to order them, just go your account and click on the dash-buttons and you have your order confirmed.
  • You can access them using any device where Amazon is supported and the best part you don’t need to worry about extra hassles which come with the HARD ones.
  • Amazon dash buttons come with the secure feature and customized varieties based on your preferences and order.
  • You can also use ALEXA, Amazon’s personal AI assistant and let her do the requirement of filling your cart with all you need. Just say, HELLO to Alexa and you have your favor done.


How does Amazon Dash buttons function?

  • Amazon Dash buttons are developed based on every single product and for every single category only for your own benefits.
  • You can order anything you want at just one click if you have access to Amazon Dash buttons.
  • Each dash buttons display the logo of the concerned brand and incase there are two products from the same brand Amazon will take care of them to customize according your need.
  • Amazon Dash Buttons consist of a round button like feature which can be clicked to reorder your stuffs or the left bar with logo brand only to avail the required information before you give it a try.

If you want to buy that Pringles sour cream and onions, just open Amazon, locate your dash buttons and one click to order.

How to avail and use Amazon Dash Buttons

When you buy your favorite products from Amazon just use Amazon Prime to proceed through the order protocol and after you have placed your order successfully, you will be provided with the choice of adding your favorite dash-button in your account. Just CLICK TO ADD YOUR DASH-BUTTONS and it’s done. You can only use this feature if the product is available under free Prime shipping else no!

To use your favorite dash-buttons you can either locate them manually from Accounts & List menu of Amazon website or navigate through the Amazon mobile applications OR simply turn to ALEXA, find my dash-buttons and you will have them by next moment. Just click to order and confirm them also you can cancel if there is a misplaced order.

Amazon also has the service of highly intelligent UI that can automatically add dash-buttons to your account in-case there is a favorable pattern of ordering a product that is regularly ordered.

Amazon Dash-buttons user policy

This is pretty important as a lot of customers prefer the old way of manual orders but again technology has been availed only for your mutual benefit. Let us browse through those regulations;

  • You can delete your Amazon Dash buttons when you consider you don’t need them but for any accidental mishap Amazon provides an Undo option to make sure you don’t lose what truly is made for you.
  • You can arrange your dash-buttons in any preference by using the drag and drop option available and set them as per your choice. Sorting is an extra benefit that you can avail using the relevant filters provided only for your benefit.
  • You have the assorted freedom even to name your favorite dash buttons by your own nomenclature and experience the advantage of customized usage.
  • If you are using Amazon Dash buttons device which are WiFi enabled, Amazon will create an automatic virtual dash buttons too and you can order from anywhere you like to.
  • Amazon Dash buttons can only availed under Amazon Prime subscription and they are not applicable on anything other than prime certified products.
  • Amazon Dash buttons are non-transferable and limited only to one user at a time and it ensures that only one order is applicable/time and won’t take advance till the last delivery is complete.
  • You can also make the access more user-friendly by using DASH BUTTONS ON ECHO


Amazon Dash buttons Reviews

Amazon Dash buttons were unveiled just before the All fool’s day and as expected the naysayers at a field day making FUN out of it. But that is what people do for a living, let us address the real issue in hand.

How Useful is Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon Dash buttons though an revolutionary technology yet it faces competition against the very odds of human nature. Man being a social animal have always enjoyed in exchanging pleasantries and that is how markets, supermarkets and Malls have come into existence.

Amazon Dash buttons on the other hand is providing the experience of super-marketing but in solitary yet efficient manner. It aims to remove the extra headache of leaving a schedule for buying supplies from the nearest departmental store and simply strives to provide the best as per one’s requirement but neither paying any extra nor the futile waste of time one has to face due to old and weary conventions.

If you are planning to buy a pack of Tide or a dozen of Red-Bull cans, simply use the Dash Buttons and you can have your stuff in no time. With busy schedules and a lot to be done, why not sacrifice the old habits of queuing in a departmental store for hours and on.

Amazon Dash buttons Pros

Why do you deserve Amazon Dash buttons amidst all, here are the reasons worth giving a try:

  • Revolutionary technology along with efficient service from a company who had defined American Dreams in just 2 decades of Inception. From being a shady bookstore to the Global Guru of A-Z essentials, the novelty factor is completely binded with reliability and who can you trust more than Bezos when it comes to serving quality!
  • Gen Z is too busy to stick to the conventions of ordinary lifestyle and where can you get your orders delivered at your will! Thanks to Amazon, quality is guaranteed and any  mishap will get you a free exchange without any questions asked!
  • Long gone the days of making list before you hit the gas to reach your nearest store. Just use this Dash buttons and avail your favorite as many times you wish to.
  • If you are worried about buying your stuffs as you are too amnesiac to avail them, set an alarm using Alexa and you will have your stuffs at the best possible deals.
  • Made for the ultimatum in shopping experience and from here it’s a whole new world of utilities and you can avail them whenever, wherever you want without paying any extra chips!

Amazon Dash buttons Cons

Even the Spartans had weakness in their lines and that made them Immortal! Beyond 1000 pros there always lies a significant cons which makes the product applicable only to a limited class. Let us browse, where did Amazon Dash buttons lack;

  • Though revolutionary yet the idea is much like Bolt-from-blue. In Spite of Amazon’s promise of smooth service this is one technical maze and it takes more than a literate person to operate it.
  • Typically built for the young generation who considers solitude is bliss, it failed to reach the major class of folks who prefer to live by the day motto. No one with a limited income would be stupid enough to act like a spendthrift in availing this shitty, little gadgets.
  • Pretty complicated in terms of technicalities. Instead of simple operations, it appears the Dash button device which is WiFi enabled often malfunctions due to technical errors hence causing unnecessary embarrassment for both company as well as customers.
  • If you have the reputation being casual in daily life, this ain’t for you. You may bleed bucks if you don’t keep a count on what you buy as the prices in Amazon are not constant and depends on the customer demands and stock availability. You may end up paying double what the price is supposed to be at your nearest store.
  • The most odd lies in keeping such devices at home as they look completely out of place given you are ready to accept occasional embarrassment for all those irritating questions asked!

Amazon dash buttons – Hacks

Now there are pros and cons but truly said, Exception states the rule! For all those technical geeks out there, you can truly permanent your field day with a bit tailoring and thanks to your skill in hand YOU CAN USE DASH BUTTONS TO ORDER WHAT YOU LIKE!

  • Though pre-programmed from Amazon but legends always make their way. A simple hack through its coding system and given you know the flawless art of forgery you can buy a Pizza clicking on a Tide Dash button from Amazon.
  • You can use it as a stopwatch or timer in-case punctuality is a problem for you.
  • Send personalized text messages or simply tune in to teach your friends SARCASM with some cool and harmless Rick-rolling.

All you need to do is activate your grey cells and some hand jobs to feel ecstatic round the clock!

To have absolute control over the Amazon Dash-buttons, you need to do 3 crucial deals;

  • Configure the coding to disable automated orders. Use python or similar programming to tailor your demands and you have just set your priorities and Amazon Dash buttons will follow them as told.
  • Control the ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) which is much like the address of your internet connection and configure it as per your benefits.
  • Maintain a strict spreadsheet in order to manage your orders at ease and enjoy your day by ordering whatever you like through this Amazing Amazon Dash buttons hacks.

Amazon Dash buttons is a technology ahead of time. Though, it has started as fledgling under the Global Brand but pretty soon with awesome deals and out-of-box service, it’s just a matter of time before America chooses to DASH BUTTON!

Amazon Trade In Gift Cards | July 2018

We always consider Amazon as the best shopping destination when it comes to buying our favourite products at the best quality prices; many of us might not be aware of the fact that we can also sell our old and used products and items on Amazon and that too for good prices. The Amazon Trade In program allows the customers to receive an Amazon trade in gift cards in exchange for their eligible products including video games, Kindle E-readers, books, and much more.If your product matches the required standard set by Amazon, you will get equivalent amount in the Amazon Gift Cards which in turn can be used to make purchases from millions of products that are available on the website.

The Amazon Trade In program is very easy and convenient to use; go through the below listed steps that will help in developing a better understanding of the process.

  • Log on to Amazon Trade-In page and explore for items you want to sell, after that submit your Amazon Trade In, you can add items in numbers as well.
  • After that read the criteria required carefully; if your selling product matches the standards required by Amazon, then go ahead with it.
  • After verifying for the Amazon Trade In product eligibility; the company will offer you a Trade In Value for your product; you can accept and select your shipping options.
  • Then mention an address from where you want your product to be shipped. If upon reaching Amazon, your product does not matches the required standards set up the company, you will get them back on the same address without any additional shipping charges.
  • You will get a free shipping option from Amazon but you have to pack your items on your own and send them in within seven days of submitting it on Amazon Trade In.
  • Each trade-in order is limited to a maximum amount of $1800. You have to opt for the multiple trade in orders if want to sell items worth more than $1800.
  • You will get an easy trade in for your products without spending any charges for the shipping. In case of rejection of products also you will be entitled for free return from the company.
  • Company keeps on introducing additional offers on new products apart from the attractive Trade In value for your merchandises.
amazon trade in
amazon trade in

Amazon has introduced a very beneficial way to keep updated with the newest and latest products through Amazon Trade In program. With Amazon Trade IN the customers can conveniently sell the out-dated and used stuff on timely basis and can give always give a different look to their homes with the modern and more stylish gadgets. Also you can keep yourself more aware and informative with the Amazon book trade in where you can sell your previous read books and can get attractive price for them.

Some of the different items that are available for Trade In include:

Kindle E Devices- get an Amazon Gift Card and 25% off on a new Kindle E-reader

Kindle Design Model Number
Kindle (1st Generation) Model Number: D00611

Released November 2007

Kindle (2nd Generation) Model Number: D00701

Released February 2009

Kindle Keyboard (3rd Generation), White Model Number: D00901

Released August 2010

Kindle Paperwhite (5th Generation) Model Number: EY21

Released October 2012

Kindle Paperwhite (6th Generation) Model Number: DP75SDI

Released September 2013


These are just a few models, there are various others models being launched in different years; you can select your Kindle E-reader model and submit it on your Amazon trade in account.

How to Trade in your Kindle Device

Give a description of your old Kindle device by answering few questions about its condition to get an accurate Amazon trade-in quote. Even your non-working kindle devices are eligible for sale.

After that ship it for free; print a shipping label and send your Kindle at no charges. Your product will be verified within 7 days. If it is approved the committed amount in the form of Amazon Gift card will be transferred into your Amazon trade in account. Additionally a 25% off credit toward a new Kindle will also be added into your account.

If your product is rejected due to any reason, you will receive a free return of the product at the earlier mentioned address. Rejected items will be shipped to the customers within 14 days after receipt at no extra cost. The reason for rejections and shipping progress tracking for the return package can be checked on Amazon Trade-In Account.

Amazon iphone trade in

Sell your Apple iPhone 4S Unlocked Cellphone, 16GB, Black at Amazon. Answer some questions including

  1. Does the device power on?
  2. Has your device been removed from your online account (e.g. iCloud)?
  3. Are there any cracks on the screen?
  4. Is your device still being financed through your carrier?

If your phone is accepted by succeeding the Amazon Trade in product eligibility then you will receive Trade In value and you can go further with it. There are various cell phones available for Trade in on Amazon that includes Huawei Honor 6X Dual Camera Unlocked Smartphone, 32GB Silver, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Amazon Trade In Price: up to $30.05), LG Google Nexus 5 D821 Factory Unlocked Cell phone, International Version, 32GB, Black (Amazon Trade In Price: up to $16.55) among other leading brands that you can trade in for relatively worthy prices.

Amazon book trade in

There are numerous books mentioned on Amazon Trade In where you can sell your old books and can buy the new ones to increase your knowledge and awareness. Some of the titles available for Trade In in various genres including Medical books, books on health & fitness, law books, children’s books to name a few are as follows:

Books Description Trade In Price
Delmar’s Standard Textbook of Electricity (MindTap Course List) Publisher:

Cengage Learning





McCurnin’s Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians, 9e Publisher:






Mosby’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants – Soft Cover Version, 9e Publisher:






Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction Publisher:








Sell your books at Amazon Trade In by countering some questions including

  1. Is the cover and binding intact?
  2. Are the pages torn or have major wrinkling from water?
  3. Are there notes or names on the cover?
  4. Do the pages have excessive writing or highlighting?

After that match the ISBN found on the back of your book with the one mentioned on the site.

If your book matches the product eligibility criteria, you can Trade in your product and will receive Trade In value for the same and can submit your Trade Ins.

Apart from the above, there are various other Trade In categories including Tablets, Streaming media & players, Bluetooth speakers & echo, cell phones, video games etc where you can sell your old and used products and get Amazon trade in gift cards in return to continue your shopping with Amazon.

Other offers while Trade in categories

  • Get an Amazon Gift Card and up to $35 off on buying new 4K Fire TV device. Trade in your Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast streaming media player to take benefit of this limited time period offer.
  • Get an Amazon Gift Card and 25% discount on buying a new Echo device; Trade in your Echo Dot, Echo (1st and 2nd generation), Amazon Tap, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot Kids Edition at the attractive prices.
  • All the offers will be available for the limited time period only, so you have to be little active and alert to take the best of the offers.

Benefits of Amazon Trade In

  • With Amazon’s Trade-In program you can give a new makeover to your existing home. You can exchange your books, electronics, video games and much more anytime with Amazon Trade In gift cards and can buy the new and latest products through Amazon book trade in, Amazon iphone trade in, Amazon game trade in program and much more from the site.
  • You will get chance to sell all your eligible items on Amazon, as the products keeps on changing on rotational basis. Amazon Trade In program is regularly updated with new items; so keep a close watch on all the items that are listed on Trade In page to clear all your old and used stock with the newest ones.
  • Both the way shipping cost will be incurred by Amazon; you just have to pack your products appropriately so that they don’t get hampered during transporting.
  • You can always stay connected with your Amazon Trade in product; log on to your Amazon Trade-In account to track the status of your package.
  • The amount of your Trade-in will be immediately made available in your gift card balance. The customers can also opt to be paid instantly when submitting a video game, video game console, video game accessory, or Kindle E-reader trade-in by choosing the Instant Payment option at Amazon Trade in.
  • There will always be someone available to assist you with the items you want to trade in, you can contact Amazon Customer Service through phone, chat, or e-mail by visiting the Help page.

So with these amazing offers on new products, let’s change the existing devices with the latest ones and stay updated with technology. Amazon Trade in is the best option when we want to retire our old belongings and can relatively fetch good prices for it which in turn will help in making new purchases.

Amazon Free Shipping Codes: Amazon Top Deals & Discounts

At times we want to shop online but the charges attached with the delivery of the products demotivate us to do so. Especially if the shopping bill is relatively lesser, either we have to pay huge shipping cost or have to wait for more for getting the delivery of our products. To solve all your queries, Amazon is offering free shipping to its existing as well as new customers. Under this deal, the customers will be entitled to free shipping of their product using Amazon free shipping codes and Amazon free shipping coupons and promo code. You have to write your accurate area code in the address to avail these coupons.

Amazon is offering discounts and deals mostly all on its products. Following are some of the top product offering Amazon free shipping on it.

Products Deals
Crest complete Colgate List price$5.12, discounted price $2.97; free shipping on orders above $25
Clorox disinfecting wipes Discounted price $13, save 20% using Amazon free shipping codes
HerbaZest cacao Nibs Earn extra $2 by using Amazon free shipping coupon plus get the delivery at free of cost (for Amazon Prime members.)
Poise pads Discounted price $47.46, get further 15% discount if purchasing 5 or more products.

Amazon gives you a wider platform to choose from millions of its products it showcases on its portal. Apart from the best products to choose from, you also get the best deals and discounts that match your shopping requirements. Some of the best shipping deals can be availed by using Amazon free shipping promo codes. Amazon top deals using Amazon free shipping codes.

Products Deals
Pokemon set 25 Promo Code Cards (Assorted Series) $5.45; free shipping on eligible orders using Amazon promo code.
My Pillow $49.95, get an additional 5% using Amazon promotional code if buying more than one.
Vitamin Code for Men Price: $78.99; use Amazon promotional code and get a discounted price of $59.23,
Premium Slim Fit T-Shirt Discounted price:$21.99; get Amazon free shipping codes

Amazon gives some very feasible deals for the products starting as low as $10 which are required for your day to day activities and are pocket-friendly as well.

Top Picked products below $25

Tiki Brand 57-Inch Luau Bamboo Torches

amazon free shipping codes

  • A must household item.
  • Can be used for continuous 5 years
  • Bamboo designed structure.
  • Price:$22.20
  • Discount price:$14.49
  • Free shipping on orders $25
  • Can save up to 35% using Amazon free shipping codes.

TIKI Brand Cast Iron Torch Stand

amazon free shipping codes

  • Used as torch stand with 7 pounds of cast iron.
  • Featured with powder coated stand for the torch
  • Price: $21.00
  • Discount price: $9.19
  • Discount: 56%
  • Free shipping on orders $25

Gold colored Chain

  • Attractive chain to wear daily, without any fear of losing it.
  • Lifetime warranty, with easy replacement (if not used)
  • Summer sale: Pay for one and get second on a discount of $10 by mentioning your area code under Amazon free shipping promo code.
  • Discount price:$38.00

BARE HUGS Boys All Weather Low Cut Socks

amazon free shipping

  • Easy to wash.
  • Comfortable to wear with shoes, sandals etc
  • Perfect for kids aged between 4 to 6 years.
  • Pack of 10 available in different vibrant colors.
  • Discount price:$9.99
  • Free returns using free shipping coupons.

Eco-Defense Mice Repellent

amazon free shipping codes

  • Removes mice in an organic way from your house.
  • Safe to use
  • Money back if mice not removed from your home in 60 days also.
  • 4 applicable promotional deals attached to it. Valid if the order in numbers. Use Amazon free shipping promo code to avail the deal.
  • Discount price $19.95

Johnson’s Travelling Kit

amazon free shipping codes

  • Includes a baby shampoo. 1.5 Fl. Oz
  • A head to toe washer
  • A baby lotion
  • Johnson’s baby powder
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Best to give as a gift hamper to your loved ones.
  • Buy 5 and save $6 using Amazon coupon code

These are some of the best-picked products under $25 available among different categories which can shop easily and gives you free shipping options as well.

Additionally, you can also save up to 35% on selected products by using Amazon free shipping coupon codes available on Amazon. The coupons are available in various different sectors such as health & beauty coupons, grocery coupons, prime pantry coupons to name a few.

The available Amazon coupons are very easy to utilize and can be redeemed very easily. You have to adhere to the following steps to use the coupons:

  • Visit the home page of Amazon.
  • Click on the coupons on the top left side
  • From there select “today’s deals” where you will see differently available coupons in different sectors.
  • You can further filter the search by even choosing the price you want to spend
  • Then click on the product you wish to buy, add it in the cart
  • From there you can also check the promotional deals if any
  • You can then redeem the coupons which you have and can enjoy Amazon free shipping deals as well using Amazon free shipping codes.
  • Pay the lesser amount using the discounts and deals.

Amazon believes in providing discounts on small household items as well that are required in numbers by everyone for meeting their daily requirements. For instance, the deals on household products (grocery, kids section, diapers, cleaning items etc.), gift items, vitamins & dietary supplements fascinate customers’ a lot and Amazon free shipping codes add advantage by reducing the monthly bill by several dollars. The customers also have the flexibility of making the payments according to their convenience. The discounts and deals are open for all who pay from their credit/debit card or from Amazon pay balance account. Even the customers who are paying COD also can fetch some attractive deals and discounts.

Amazon Promotional Claim Codes : June-July 2018

Why use Promotional Claim Codes?

Amazon, the richest online retail platform has always something new to provide to its buyers. There are Amazon coupons, Amazon promotional claim codes for the shoppers, from the e-commerce site, making the grand deals even more appealing.

This July, other than the most awaited Prime Day Sale, discounts are expected to be raining on Amazon with the gold box deals, deal of the day deals, prime card deals and more such.

You can expect 40-50% off on electronics, 20-30% on mobiles, laptops, home appliances, 60-70% off on books and more. You can use your Amazon free promotional claim codes or Amazon promotional claim codes 2018 before proceeding to checkout and wrap up the deal at the earliest.

Best Deals and Deals in June-July 2018, Amazon Promotional Claim Codes:

Here we have categorized some of the best deals from Amazon across all the top categories:

Category Discount Product
Electronics 25-30% on TVs
Electronics 25-30% on HDR Playback Players
Mobiles 25-31%
Mobile 50-60% on certified refurbished Apple iPhone
Tablets Up to 20%
Fashion Up to 20-30% on watches
Fashion Up to 40-50% on dresses
Books Up to 40-50% on paperbacks
Books Up to 60-70% on Kindle books


Sony Smart LED TV

Product Specification:

  • This smart 60-inch LED TV from Sony comes loaded with intelligent functionality features like access to different apps, Netflix and YouTube buttons on the TV remote.
  • Equipped with HDR technology, it provides life-like picture clarity


  • Original Price: $798.00
  • Deal Price: $698.00

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • You get around 13% off on this smart TV which lets you save $100.
  • On the “used and new deal” from Amazon, you can get it at $550.00 along with the TV stand, remote, instruction manual, and power cord.
  • Save more, with valid Amazon promotional claim codes 2018.

Samesay Smart Speaker

Product Specification:

  • This hands-free Alexa enabled smart speaker lets you play music, get weather and news updates, check scores, and more.
  • It supports far-field voice technology.
  • The Bluetooth wireless range goes up to 33ft.


  • Original Price: $79.99
  • Deal Price: $79.99

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • Save an additional $10 on this wireless smart speaker with Amazon free promotional claim codes or Amazon promotional claim codes.

Clazio Wireless TouchScreen Smart Speaker

Product Specification:

  • Clazio smart Bluetooth speakers come with a 7-inches touchscreen and are easily portable.
  • You can watch videos for up to 2.5 hours and enjoy about 6 hours of audio playback.
  • You can connect it with Wi-Fi for internet radio.


  • Original Price: $140.00
  • Deal Price: $140.00

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • Save about $30, with valid Amazon free promotional claim codes or Amazon promotional claim codes 2018 and Amazon coupons.
  • On the “used and new deal” from Amazon, you can get it at $99.00 with $5.99 extra for shipping.

Cosori 800 Watts Blender

Product Specification:

  • This powerful 800-watt blender comes with auto blend program and six blades of stainless steel, a perfect fit for making smoothies and healthy drinks.
  • It has a three button interface- start and stop, auto, pulse.


  • Original Price: $69.99
  • Deal Price: $39.89

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • Save about $30.10, with valid Amazon promotional claim codes 2018, Amazon free promotional claim codes or Amazon coupons along with free shipping benefits.

Top Electronic Amazon Deal Prices, Discounts and Amazon Promotional Claim Codes 2018

Have a quick look at some more best-selling offers and deal price on electronic merchandises including electronic home appliances, wireless Bluetooth smart speakers from top brands.

Products Deal Price
Sony Smart LED TV $698
TCL Roku Smart LED TV $149.99
LG Smart LED TV $566.99
Fire TV Cube + Cloud Cam Security Camera $199.98
Smart Speaker Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa Voice Control $79.99
Clazio TouchScreen Smart Speaker $140.00
Cosori 800 Watts Blender $39.99
Apple iMac All-in-One Desktop $1499.99


Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-Use Cell Phone for seniors by GreatCall

Product Specification:

  • Large buttons make dialing and navigation easy and effortless.
  • Equipped with powerful speakers, conversations are loud and lucid.
  • Compatible with GreatCall network only at $14.99 per month.


  • Original Price: $99.99
  • Deal Price: $69.80

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • Save up to 30% which is about $30.00 with valid Amazon promotional claim codes 2018 or Amazon coupons.

TracFone LG Rebel 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone

Product Specification:

  • It is supported by Android 5.1 Lollipop and a quad-core processor of 1.1 GHz.
  • The screen is 4.5-inches wide and has a 5MP front-facing camera.


  • Original Price: $49.99
  • Deal Price: $36.95

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • You can save up to 26% on the list price with Amazon deals along with free shipping.
  • Use your valid Amazon promotional claim codes 2018, Amazon free promotional claim codes and save more.
  • You can get a “Used-Like New” TracFone at $31.55 with shipping charges at $4.99.

Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa

Product Specification:

  • The Fire HD 8 Alexa tablet has a quad-core processor of 1.3 GHz with 1.5 GB RAM with Dolby Audio technology.
  • It Offers 16-32 GB of storage, expandable up to 256 GB.
  • With a single charge, it can give you about 12 hours of battery backup.


  • Original Price: $79.99
  • Deal Price: $79.99

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • You may get lucky with Amazon promotional claim codes 2018 or Amazon coupons and avail more discounts.
  • You can get a “Used-Acceptable” Fire HD 8 Alexa Tablet at $51.56 with free shipping.
  • Pair it up with a SanDisk memory card of 32 GB and save $7.03 on it.

Top Mobiles, Amazon Deal Prices, Discounts and Amazon Promotional Claim Codes 2018

Have a look at a few more best-selling deals varying from 30-40% on mobiles, mobile cases, Alexa fire tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and other related accessories.

Products Deal Price
JETech Case for Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s $6.99
Pebble Time SmartWatch $49.99
Seneo Wireless Charger $26.99
Total Wireless Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna $59.99
GreatCall Jitterbug Smart Easy-to-Use 5.5” Smartphone for Seniors $99.99
Fire 7 Kids Edition 2 Tablet Variety Pack, 16GB (Blue/Pink) Kid-Proof Case $149.98
Fire HD 10 Alexa Tablet $149.99
Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand (2016 Edition) – US Version – Black $35.75


The Silk Roads: A New History of the World: Paperback

Product Specification:

  • You can find it under the History of Buddhism books category.
  • Peter Frankopan, the author, reveals how the fate of the West has always been interconnected to the East and realigns our understanding and ideas.


  • Original Price: $20.00
  • Deal Price: $13.59

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • Get a discount of 32% on the paperback edition of it.
  • The Kindle edition will cost you $4.44.
  • Get a “Used-Acceptable” paperback at $7.98 with extra shipping costs.
  • Amazon free promotional claim codes may help save a few more bucks.

The Light We Lost Paperback

Product Specification:

  • An eternal love story depicted by Jill Santopolo between the protagonists Lucy and Gabe.
  • Listed as a bestseller by the Reese Witherspoon Book Club and The New York Times.


  • Original Price: $16.00
  • Deal Price: $13.47

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • Get a discount of 16% on the paperback edition of it. Use your valid Amazon promotional claim codes 2018 or Amazon free promotional claim codes and save more.
  • The Kindle edition will cost you $4.79
  • You can also get the “Audible” version of it at $7.92.

Best-Selling Books, Amazon Deal Prices, Discounts and Amazon Promotional Claim Codes 2018

Have a quick look at a few more best-selling deals on paperbacks and Kindle Edition which you would not want to miss out.

Remember to try out Amazon promotional claim codes 2018 and save more on such sales.

Products Deal Price (Paperback) Deal Price (Kindle Edition)
If You Knew Her by Emily Elgar $10.99 $3.77
Sisters Like Us by Susan Mallery $9.83 $5.99
Killers of the Flower Moon $10.17 $4.29
Bear Town By Fredrik Backman $13.60 $4.54
Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan $8.97 $0.96
The Hideaway by Lauren K. Denton $9.48 $4.34


Sakkas Bree Long Embroidered Cap Sleeve Marbled Dress

Product Specification:

  • The thin, lightweight fabric of it makes it a perfect fit for any occasion.
  • The beautiful embroidered patterns of the dress add more elegance to it.


  • Original Price: $79.99
  • Deal Price: $21.99

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • Get an attractive 73% discount on the list price.
  • This item is eligible for the free returns policy.

Reebok Men’s Classic Leather Sneaker

Product Specification:

  • The low-cut design made of soft leather makes it a comfortable wear.
  • The sole consists of rubber and about 82% of Amazon customers liked the fit.


  • Original Price: $40-$246.50
  • Deal Price: $40-$246.50

Deals, Discount and Amazon promotional claim codes:

  • Get free returns option on specific colors and sizes.
  • Remember to try out Amazon promotional claim codes 2018 or Amazon free promotional claim codes to save more.

Best-Selling Fashion Items, Amazon Deal Prices, Discounts and Amazon Promotional Claim Codes 2018

Here are a few more best-selling deals on clothing, shoes, bags and more fashion products.

Products Deal Price
Casio F91W-1 Classic Resin Strap Digital Sport $10.35
Fossil Mens Grant $68.99
Hat Depot Kids $3.99
WINK KANGAROO Fashion Shoulder Bag Rucksack Backpack Travel bag $23.99 with free returns
Women Backpack Purse Waterproof Lightweight School Shoulder Bag $25.99 with free returns

Amazon Prime Exclusive Mobile Phone Deals and Discounts, Amazon Coupons, Amazon Promotional Claim Codes:

Get incredible and exclusive offers on unlocked LG and Motorola phones. The only pre-requisite is you need to be a Prime membership holder.

Products Prime Deal Price Links
LG G6+ – 128 GB – Unlocked (AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon) – Black $519.99
Moto X (4th Generation) – with hands-free Amazon Alexa – 32 GB – Unlocked – Sterling Blue $279.99
LG G6-32 GB – Unlocked (AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon) – Black $379.99

Gold Box Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals:

Amazon has more to offer with gold box deal of the day and lightning deals where you can avail up to 40-50% off on some categories including fashion, electronic items, and mobiles and so on.

Products Deal Price Links
Scarleton Soft Multi Pocket Crossbody Bag H1812 $14.44
Noot USB Charger $13.59
Women’s Sleeveless Loose Plain Dresses Casual Short Dress with Pockets $11.04-$14.44
Samlly TV Antenna, Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna Amplified Signal Booster $11.99
Lily Parker Women’s Destroyed Rip Hole Stretch Crinkle Printed Skinny Jean $34.99

Amazon Prime Card Deals:

  • With Amazon Prime Visa Card and Amazon Prime Store Card avail 10% back on select products from Bang &Olufsen until June 30th midnight.
  • Get 5% off on Amazon products every day with Amazon Prime Visa Card and Amazon Prime Store Card.

More Surprises for You

Subscribe to the “daily deal email” option on their site and get early notifications of the Amazon deals. Prime members get 30-minute early access to the lightning deals and other prime exclusive deals. Amazon’s app also comes in handy to know about such deal of the day offers as you can view most of the deals 24 hours prior to the Amazon site.

Remember to try out Amazon promotional claim codes 2018 or Amazon coupons and save more on such splendid deals.

Amazon Kindle Devices, Top Deals and Amazon Kindle Coupon

When it comes to e-reading kindle devices are a treat for book lovers. Amazon offers a wide range of choices for the e-readers including, Amazon Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage and so on. The best part is you can get hooked to your favorite titles on the Amazon Kindle without any social media interruptions, messages or emails.

And with attractive Amazon kindle coupon, you can get decent deals on Amazon including the awesome Bundle packages offered by Amazon. Amazon Kindle ebooks are also easier on the pocket as you can get best-sellers starting from approximately $2.99-$9.99.

With Amazon kindle unlimited membership, it just gets even better. At a time, you can keep ten Amazon Kindle ebooks on your Amazon Kindle reader, with no such due dates and enjoy reading at your own pace.

Advantages of owning an Amazon Kindle:

  • It weighs lesser than a paperback.
  • No reflection from the screen, unlike your smartphone or tablets.
  • Amazing battery backup.
  • Choose from over a million e-books at low prices or with Amazon kindle unlimited subscription.
  • Ideal brightness for reading without eye-strain.

Amazon Kindle Devices, Amazon Kindle Deals, Amazon Kindle Coupon: A quick price comparison

Products Price (with Deal) Links, Amazon Kindle Coupon
Kindle E-reader – Black $59.99 Grab Deal
Kindle Paperwhite $99.99 Grab Deal
Kindle For Kids Bundle $79.99 Grab Deal
Kindle Voyage $199.99 Grab Deal
Kindle Oasis $249.99 Grab Deal

amazon kindle

Basics of Kindle Reading:

  • With Amazon Kindle devices you can find out the time required to finish the book you just started, or you can keep a tab on what percentage you have read.
  • The “Time To Read” measures your reading speed and gives you calculations based on that. Go to the “Reading Progress” icon and find out.
  • With the “Go To” feature, jump to any portion of the book you want to read or refer.
  • The “Page Flip” feature is available on specific Amazon Kindle titles as the Amazon Kindle Oasis (8th generation) and the Kindle Voyage (7th generation).
  • Change font size, fonts, line spacing as per your liking. But you cannot modify the size and other text features of PDFs.
  • The “Font” tab of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite allows you to choose a font size from 8-point to 36. Amazon Kindle also allows installing different fonts as TrueType (TTF) or OpenType (OTF) on the device.

The Amazon Kindle Store, Top Features, Price, Amazon Kindle Reader deals, Amazon Kindle Coupon:


The new design comes 16% lighter and 11% thinner than the previous generation Kindle with other new features.

Product Specifications:

  • The new design is available in white or black color and is lighter than the previous generation Kindle.
  • Unlike your smartphones or tablets, you can read comfortably without reflections on the touchscreen even in direct sunlight.
  • It supports storage of 4 GB and is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • The new generation Amazon Kindle has access to the “Audible” technology. It lets you listen to thousands of audiobooks.

Battery backup:

It has a fantastic battery life, with a single charge lasting for weeks.


Original Price: $79.99

Amazon Price: $59.99

Amazon offers a massive 25% discount on the Amazon Kindle reader. Try out valid Amazon kindle coupon for more attractive deals.

Amazon Kindle for Kids Bundle:

Original Price: $124.98

Amazon Price: $79.99

The Bundle includes the newest Kindle with a warranty of 2 years and a free blue cover. Do check out the Amazon Kindle Coupon and offers before deciding on the Amazon deals.


Amazon Kindle empowers you to choose from over a million books at $2.99 or even lesser. Some of the e-titles are here:

  • How to change your mind: What The New Science by Michael Pollan.
  • Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders by David Grann.
  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

Kindle Paperwhite:

This is Amazon’s best selling among the Kindle devices. You will get it in either black or white colors.

Product Specifications:

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite offers a crystal clear, high-resolution display of 300 ppi with E Ink Carta.
  • The in-built light and optimised font technology make reading even smoother.
  • The touchscreen of the Kindle Paperwhite is free of reflections with the screen glare technology enabled.
  • It supports storage up to 4 GB which can hold thousands of Amazon kindle ebooks and can be connected to private and public Wi-Fi networks.

Battery backup:

A single charge of the Kindle battery lasts for around six weeks depending on wireless usage and light settings. You can charge it fully in about 4 hours from your laptop or computer via USB cable.


Original Price: $119.99

Amazon Price: $99.99.

With Amazon Kindle coupon, you can save up to 17% on the list price.


The Kindle paperwhite offers crazy selections for book lovers at $2.99 or less. Prime membership owners get free access to more than a thousand titles. Save more on the Kindle editions with the Amazon Kindle Coupon.

Some of the Kindle reads are listed below:

  • The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah.
  • Ready Player One by Earnest Cline.
  • Educated, A Memoir by Tara Westover.
  • Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley by John Carreyrou.

Kindle Voyage:

A high-end version of the Kindle is the Kindle Voyage.

Product Specifications:

  • The Kindle Voyage offers one of the best resolutions for a crisp, smooth reading experience. Like all other Kindle devices, it is glare-free.
  • The device is remarkably thin. It can adjust as per the availability of light around you and provides you with the ideal display brightness.
  • The “Page Press” technology makes it a delight for the e-readers which lets you flip pages effortlessly.

Battery backup:

With a single charge from either your laptop or with a power adapter, you can use it efficiently for weeks.


Original Price: $199.99

Amazon Price: $199.99.

Amazon offers the used Kindle Voyage for $121.87- $121.99 with the option of free shipping. With Amazon Kindle coupon, you may grab attractive deals. Remember to check them out.

Also, do not miss out on trying out free Amazon kindle unlimited trial period of 30 days with the Kindle Voyage.

Kindle Voyage Bundle Deal:

Original Price: $279.97.

Amazon Price: $254.97.

This kit includes the latest Voyage device from Amazon along with special offers worth $199.99. The Voyage Bundle also comes with a 5W power adapter and an Amazon leather cover. Use the Amazon Kindle Coupon before deciding on the Amazon deals.


The Kindle Voyage lets you choose from over 2 million titles at $9.99 or less. Some of the Amazon Kindle ebooks are mentioned here:

  • Warlight by Michael Ondaatje.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson.
  • The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer.
  • Love and Ruin by Paula McLain.

Kindle Oasis:

One of the other high-end Kindle devices is the Kindle Oasis.

Product Specifications:

  • The 7-inches glare-free high-resolution screen offers the best of the e-reading experience.
  • This is the only waterproof Kindle device which protects up to 2meters of fresh water immersion for an hour.
  • With the “Audible” feature enabled you can switch between listening and reading your favorite titles. Just pair it with your Bluetooth speakers or headphones and listen to as many books you would like to.
  • It is available in three colors – aluminum back, champagne gold or graphite.
  • Store as many titles as you can wish for with storage ranging from 8 GB to 32 GB.

Battery backup:

It offers battery backup of weeks once you charge it fully.


Original Price: $249.99

Amazon Price: $249.99.

Do remember to check out Amazon Kindle coupon which may land you decent deals on the Kindle Oasis.

Kindle Oasis Travel Bundle:

Original Price: $326.97

Amazon Price: $306.97

The Kindle Oasis Travel Bundle deal may save you around 6%. You get a 32 GB Oasis Kindle along with Kindle-branded tote bag; kindle branded two luggage tags and other special offers with free shipping. You may save a few more bucks with the Amazon Kindle coupon.


Some of the e-titles which you can enjoy with the Oasis are listed:

  • Circe by Madeline Miller.
  • Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult.
  • Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan.
  • Beartown by Fredrik Backman.

It’s my e-book time:

If you enjoy digital reading it’s high time you gift yourself an Amazon kindle reader. You need not worry about digital storage as a 4 GB Kindle can hold up to thousands of Amazon kindle ebooks. With the high-end Kindle devices like the Oasis, you can get up to 32 GB of storage.

Also, do keep an eye on grand deals from Amazon on the Kindle, especially with the Amazon Prime Day sale around the corner. Count on your valid Amazon kindle coupon and get more massive discounts on the prime day, same day delivery and more such perks with Prime membership.


Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV Family, Best Deals and Offers

The Amazon Fire TV family has taken home automation and entertainment to the next level. The super-intelligent products from the Amazon fire TV family include the Amazon fire stick also known as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon fire TV, Smart Amazon TV Edition from Toshiba, The Cloud Cam and the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

The intelligent Alexa technology adds more flavor to the Amazon Fire Stick and other Amazon Fire TV products. The deal gets even smarter with the Alexa technology enabled Fire TV remote for you.

For a more productive experience pair, it with your Echo device, and explore the functions of it hands-free.

The Amazon Fire TV Family, Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Stick Deals and Discounts

Products Price (with Deal) Links
Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice fire stick remote $29.99  Grab Deal


Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and HDR Support $49.99  Grab Deal
Amazon Fire TV Cube $119.99  Grab Deal
Amazon Fire TV plus Cloud Cam Security Camera $199.98  Grab Deal
Toshiba Amazon Fire TV Edition $329.99  Grab Deal


amazon fire tv

Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire stick is a little device more or less in the shape of a pen drive. To draw most of its benefits, you have to plug the Amazon Fire stick into the HDMI port of your television and stream your favorite contents. The Amazon fire stick remote with the Amazon Fire stick makes streaming even smoother.

You need to ask Alexa to play your favorite movies or music or stream live matches, and she does it for you.

Product Specifications:

  • Once you plug the Amazon Fire stick into your HDTV, it lets you play content from across 190 channels.
  • You earn access to around 500,000 episodes and movies from across top channels like Netflix, HBO NOW, Prime and many more.
  • The Amazon Fire stick is light in weight, around 32g and is powered with quad-core ARM 1.3GHz.
  • It offers internal storage of 8GB and is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.
  • It is compatible with Amazon Fire TV controller.
  • The Amazon fire stick package comes with the fire stick remote which makes it a grand deal.


Original Price: $39.99

Amazon Price: $29.99

Save $10 on the list price of the fire stick; this amounts to an attractive 25% discount.

Amazon Fire Stick Deals and Discounts:

Check out on some deals and offers from Amazon on the Amazon Fire Stick.

Products Price (with deal)
Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote $29.99
Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote + Echo Dot (Black) $69.98
Replacement Remote for Amazon Fire Stick $14.99
Amazon Fire Stick, Basic Edition, International Version $49.99

Amazon Fire TV

The Fire TV is a little streaming box that powers your HD television to stream content from across many apps and integrated channels. You can choose from over 500,000 titles from top channels like Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, STARZ and many more.

With browsers like Firefox and Silk, you can connect to YouTube, Reddit, Facebook and more.

Product Specifications:

  • It is around 40% more powerful than the Amazon fire stick.
  • For hands-free experience, you can pair it with the Echo smart speakers.
  • The Fire TV remote has an inbuilt microphone with it.
  • The Fire TV supports output resolution of 1080p.
  • It offers 8 GB internal storage and is Bluetooth enabled.
  • It is compatible with HD television set having HDMI input and a Wi-Fi connection with a power outlet.


Original Price: $69.99

Amazon Price: $49.99

Save $20 on the list price of the Fire TV; this amounts to a massive 29% discount.

Amazon Fire TV Deals and Discounts

Products Price (with deal)
Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Fire TV Remote (Pendant Design) + Echo Dot $89.98
Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD (2017 Edition, Pendant) + HD Antenna $54.99
Certified Refurbished Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote (Pendant Design) $59.99
Certified Refurbished Amazon Fire TV (Previous Generation – 2nd) $84.99
Amazon Fire TV Game Controller $34.99

Amazon Fire TV Cube

This is about to be released on June 21st. You can pre-order the TV Cube from Amazon now. This hands-free streaming device comes with the super intelligent Alexa. You can now control compatible TVs, sound bars, cable boxes with the Alexa Fire TV Cube. It also supports A/V receivers from top-notch TV brands as Sony, LG, Samsung and more.

The Fire TV Cube is also expected to come up with high-end variants by the end of this year. The new variants may feature Alexa messaging and making calls, multi-room music and Bluetooth connections to smartphones.

Unlock more benefits with the Fire TV Cube with a Prime membership and get hooked to prime original series like “Sneaky Pete” and “The Big Sick”. Gain access to unlimited songs at $3.99 per month at “Amazon Music.”

Product Specifications:

  • This Alexa enabled streaming media player offers the ultimate entertainment experience as you need to say it to Alexa and she is all set to deliver what you want.
  • Other than streaming content, Alexa can turn on or dim the room lights, turn on the TV for you, control the soundbar, order a pizza or even provide you with the latest news or score updates.
  • It also lets you control other compatible smart home devices even with the TV not turned on.
  • The Fire TV Cubes can hear you from anywhere in the room with the help of the far-field voice recognition technology and eight in-built microphones.
  • The Fire TV Cube provides crystal clear picture quality and supports output resolution up to 60 fps along with Dolby Atmos audio clarity.
  • You can enjoy content from an incredible number of apps and channels like Prime Video, HBO, NBC, Netflix, SHOWTIME and more.


Original Price: $119.99

Amazon Price: $119.99

Pre-order it now with the option of free shipping offered by Amazon.

Amazon Fire TV Cube + Cloud Cam Security Camera

This kit includes a cloud cam security camera along with the fantastic Fire TV Cube. The computer vision technology and motion detection on the Amazon cloud cam let you monitor from your couch the whereabouts in another room.

It will be streamed live right in front of you. You can monitor your home thus 24/7 in 1080p full HD.

Try out the free 30 days trial period offer of the Cloud Cam subscription.

Product Specifications:

  • The Cloud Cam along with the Amazon Fire TV Cube lets you check in the happenings in another room.
  • Just ask Alexa, and the Cloud Cam will display the live feed in your HD TV.
  • The Cloud Cam is designed to provide you notification of any activity such as person detection along with video history of 30 days which comes with cloud cam subscription.
  • The Cloud Cam comes with an inbuilt microphone and speaker which provides a two-way audio output.
  • The Cloud Cam lets you see even in the dark with the help of eight infrared LEDs. You have the freedom to turn off the night vision in the LEDs if you want.
  • The Camera frame rate offers up to 30 frames per second.


Original Price: $239.98

Amazon Price: $199.98

With a discount of 17% on the bundle, you can save up to $40 on the list price. You can pre-order it now from Amazon with free shipping benefits.

Toshiba UHD Smart Amazon Fire TV Edition

The Toshiba 4K UHD Smart TV – Amazon TV Edition offers 4k Ultra HD stunning picture clarity. It comes with an Alexa voice remote which blends the amazing Fire TV experience provided by Amazon.

With Prime membership enjoy thousands of selections on the Toshiba Fire TV including the Prime Originals series like the Mozart in the Jungle, Tumble Leaf, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Product specifications:

  • Get access to all your favorite shows and movies with the Toshiba smart TV experience.
  • Stream, browse your favorite titles, play music, monitor smart home devices, launch apps and all the content you want with the Alexa remote by using your voice.
  • With the in-built Fire TV, you get access to Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and other such channels and apps.
  • The quad-core CPU or a multi-core GPU of the Toshiba Fire TV offers faster search results and makes it more responsive.
  • The HDR compatible Toshiba Fire TV has three HDMI inputs and multiple options for output and input with dual-band Wi-Fi.
  • The HDMI inputs also let you connect to satellite box/cable box and even to the gaming console.

Amazon Fire TV Accessories, Amazon Fire Stick, Top Deals, and Discounts:

Here is a little price breakdown of the top deals of the accessories that may come in handy for your Amazon fire stick or your Amazon Fire TV.

Product Price (with deal)
Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Devices $14.99
2-Year Protection Plan for Amazon Fire Stick (2016 release, delivered via e-mail) $4.99
Sideclick Remotes SC2-FT16K Universal Remote Attachment for Amazon Fire TV Streaming Player $24.99
Koral Case for Alexa Voice Remote for Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick – Red $4.99
Mission TV Remote Add-on for Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote $15.99
Nupro Travel Case for Amazon Fire Stick $12.99

Time for Some Cord Cutting

Thanks to these streaming boxes no longer you have to be at the mercy of cable companies for entertainment. Dive into the world of unlimited media streaming with the pocket-friendly Alexa Amazon Fire stick and other high-end media players like Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Voice technology feature, a wide array of selections, high- quality audio and video output make the firestick deals even more tempting.


Amazon Treasure Truck : Discounted Deals Drive into your town.

  • Amazon Treasure Truck is a service which is offered exclusively for the users of Amazon.com app. Treasure Truck offers the users with discounted daily deals.
  • Treasure Truck program was first started in Seattle in 2016 and is now hitting the road to spread enticing surprises all across the United States.
  • Each Treasure Truck is filled with one of the Amazon’s best new, trending, or local items at a time.
  • Amazon describes Amazon Treasure Truck as a unique and fun-filled way to shop. When the truck is ready to drive into the town, the customers will receive the text alert spilling the beans on that day’s treasure.
  • Each Amazon Truck offers surprise deals and the customers will have to act fast as there will be only limited stocks on the truck.
  • Customers can select the Treasure Truck product through the Amazon App. After selecting the product, the customers can choose for the convenient time and place for the collection of the ordered products.
  • Amazon Truck deals provide you with unexpected offers on the items which are exclusively made for Amazon truck, trending tech, delicious food and amazing deals on limited edition items etc.,
  • In addition to truck deals, Occasional celebrity appearances, interactive games, special seasonal games, events and prize distribution are some of the other things thrown in to brighten up the day.

What Exactly is Amazon Treasure Truck?

  • Amazon Team Members hand-pick the one must- have items such as tech trends, outdoor essentials, fresh foods etc., and pack it onto the Amazon Treasure Truck and then send out text alerts on Amazon Truck offers to reveal the truck deals and lets you know when they will be cruising around the town.

Amazon treasure truck

How do Purchases with the Treasure Truck Work?

  • It is actually a 4-step process
  1. Sign Up for Amazon texts
  2. Amazon Hand picks a must have item
  3. Daily offer is revealed through a text
  4. Customers buy the item through the app and pick it up at the truck.
  • You can buy the offered deal through the Amazon app by sampling clicking on “I want this” and selecting your pickup time.
  • Once you complete the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with the truck’s address.
  • You can then pick up the discounted item in person.

Canceling Purchases and Returns:

  • If you decide to cancel your order, you can seamlessly do so by tapping the “Cancel Order” button in the Amazon App.
  • And If you somehow miss your pickup time at the location, you need not worry because Once the pickup window you selected has expired, your order will be automatically canceled and you won’t be charged.
  • The Above features stand out as one of the major benefits of the Treasure Truck.

Amazon Truck Deals:

  • One of the Interesting thing about this Treasure Truck is that you will never know what deal will be offered until that specific offer day.
  • Amazon Truck offers could be on the products that are new, local, trending or delicious.
  • Amazon Truck deals range from large $5 pumpkins which were sold in Seattle around Halloween last year to high-priced TVs, tablets and Laptop computers.
  • Amazon Truck offers also provides offers on locally made products, holiday-themed gifts, trendy merchandise, hard-to-find items and fresh seafood.
  • Previous items on the Treasure Truck have included
  1. GoPro Hero4
  2. Hatchimals
  3. Polaroid cameras
  4. Huawei Tech Products
  5. Isotoner gloves
  6. Greenies
  7. Free Food
  • In addition to good deals, the Treasure Trucks also comes with tons of memorable experiences too. Each time you visit the Amazon Treasure Truck presents you with surprises and entertainment.
  • Some of the interesting events that happened in the past include
  1. Samba Dancers and for one lucky customer, a free trip to Rio
  2. A mini pumpkin patch delivered to the heart of the city
  3. “Star Wars” cosplayers
  4. A 2-ton steak to celebrate the Treasure Truck’s birthday
  5. An All-time Low Performance
  6. Free Pint Slices from Ben and Jerry’s
  • The Treasure Truck will also visit the Whole Foods parking lots across the country, selling the things that the Food shoppers might be interested in.
  • The Truck Deal involves cooking appliance, Instant Pot and the shoppers who buy this will also get a coupon worth of $10 or $40 off on purchase at Whole Foods.

Amazon Truck offers good deals and fun for all categories of the people. If you want to know when the Amazon Treasure Truck will be rolling near your city, make sure to sign up for the text alerts. Customers Interested in Treasure truck can text “TRUCK” to 24193 to receive alerts about the Amazon Truck Deals.

Where are the Treasure Trucks?

The Treasure Trucks are now operating in 25 cities across the following states:

State Cities
Arizona Phoenix
California Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego
Colorado Denver
Florida Miami, Orlando, Tampa
Georgia Atlanta
Illinois Chicago
Indiana Indianapolis
Massachusetts Boston
Maryland Baltimore
Minnesota Minneapolis
New York New York City
Oregon Portland
Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Tennessee Nashville
Texas Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio
Washington Seattle

Treasure Truck operates many but not all the days in a particular city and covers around three to five stops, Lingering at each stop for a couple of hours.

You can join this unlimited fun with a few simple sets. All you need to do is to download the free Amazon App on your Smartphone and click on “Treasure Truck” by tapping “Programs and Features” on the main menu.

You can sign up for all the Amazon Truck deals and Amazon Truck offers text notifications. You can sign up for daily text messages or app notifications at amazon.com/treasuretruck.

By Signing up for these alerts, you can always stay in touch with Amazon Truck deals and know when something new is loaded on the Treasure Trucks.

Amazon Treasure Truck is a promotional tool for the online retail giant. The vehicle drives around different cities, providing you with big deals on certain items. Amazon Treasure Truck provides you with unique shopping experience along with exciting offers and surprises. Have an exciting shopping with Amazon Treasure Truck.

Amazon Music Unlimited vs Spotify vs Apple Music

There are so many platforms available in the market to listen to your favorite songs online; among them, the leading service providers are Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify and Apple Music, which are giving tough competitions to each other. You can select your preferred songs from a never-ending list of songs.

amazon music unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon introduced Amazon Music in 2007 which had limited access of songs and was exclusively for the prime members, Amazon moved a step ahead and Amazon Music Unlimited was launched by Amazon in September 2016 to provide an online music store to its customers. True to its name amazon unlimited music has a vast collection of tons of tracks from which you can select your favorite ones and listen to it anytime and anywhere.

Apple music

On June 2015 Apple kickstarted Apple music in more than 100 countries globally. The main purpose of offering this service is to provide unlimited access to more than 45 million songs to its customers worldwide. Since launched, Apple Music has become famous with subscribers surpassing more than 40 million, as of April 2018.


Spotify is a Sweden based company, providing online music services in the US as well. It gives you access to millions of songs; according to your preferences you can add the song to your playlist and can listen offline as well.

Comparison: Amazon Music Unlimited vs Spotify vs Apple music

Category Amazon Music Unlimited Spotify Apple Music
Sound quality Streaming bitrate quality is 256kbps 160kbps for default streaming quality. A high-quality streaming option allows you to stream up to 320kbps. 256kbps (kilobits per second)
Monthly cost Amazon Music Unlimited is charged $7.99 from prime members; $9.99 per month without prime membership; and $3.99 monthly from Amazon echo users. Premium plan:$9.99 per month; student plan: $4.99; family plan costs $14.99 per month $9.99 per month;

Student plan cost $4.99

Family plan cost $14.99 per month (for up to 6 members)

Chromebook Compatible NO YES NO
Free trail 30-day free trial available 30-day free trial available. 3-month free trial available with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android or PC
Extra feature Amazon Music Unlimited can be used with echo range of voice controlled devices. You can play songs according to your mood and can play a list of auto-generated stations using Spotify Connect
Active subscribers Tens of millions (numbers not specified) Surpasses 70 million active users More than 20 million active users.
Songs available More than 40 million songs 35 million songs on its catalog More than 45 million songs available

Amazon Music Unlimited Cost:

Presently, Amazon is offering two music services – Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. The main difference between the two is that Amazon Prime Music is free for the prime members whereas but Amazon Music Unlimited is charged at $7.99 from the prime members or $9.99 per month without the prime subscription. The collection of songs in Prime Music is limited to two million only, on the contrary, you can choose from more than tens of million different songs available on Amazon Music Unlimited.

You can listen to Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited from the company’s web portal (www.amazon.com) or from other applications including macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, FireOS, Alexa devices, and some automobiles and smart TVs as well.

Amazon Music Unlimited Echo

The customers having Amazon Echo device and Alexa can access the complete Amazon Music Unlimited service for just $3.99 monthly.  The customers can ask Alexa to play the song according to their moods; Alexa can choose from a wide range of available songs.

Amazon Music Unlimited Family plan:

  • Amazon always provides something attractive if buying in the bulk. The company has introduced its Amazon Music Unlimited Family where up to six members of a family and devices (used at the same time) will be charged $14.99 in total or $149 yearly for Amazon Prime members. At the time of family Plan sign up process you can click on manage family members to invite or remove family members.
  • After that write the email address of the person whom you want to invite in the box, and click send an invitation; the family members have the seven day time period to revert back to the invitation sent.

You can follow the following steps to sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited:

  • Visit www.amaozon.com, then click on the Amazon music at the left end of the page.
  • You can ask for a 30-day free trial despite being a prime member or not.
  • You will be asked to fill your Amazon login credentials with any credit card or selected debit cards.
  • You will be charged only after your 30-day free trial is over.
  • You are entitled to a free 30-day trial.
  • You can cancel the renewal at any time by visiting your Amazon Music settings here.

Review and Ratings of Amazon Music Unlimited


Amazon Music Unlimited is gaining popularity but with just tens of millions of songs to choose from, it is far behind from its competitors Spotify and Apple Music who are given more than double the option of songs to choose from.


Though in terms of subscription fees, it is relatively charging lesser as compared to Spotify and Apple Music. From the Amazon Echo users, it is charging just $3.99 monthly, the total annual fee will be $72 lesser than both Spotify and Apple Music subscribers.


Amazon Music Unlimited provides the best lyrics to its listeners. Instead of offering a static page like Slacker Radio, Amazon Music Unlimited has scrolling music similar to that of karaoke that moves in time with the lyrical performance.


Amazon Music Unlimited can be connected well with both the Android and iOS platforms. The Android version is being tested on Google Nexus 6P and founded that it copied the exact Music Unlimited desktop experience.

Excellent: 4.0 out of 5

Review and Ratings of Spotify


Spotify has gained so much popularity because of its great looks, the best music with 320kbps streaming as well.


The monthly subscription is $9.99, but with a bigger family (of up to 6 people) you can take the premium or family pack which cost $14.99 per month. The listeners subscribing to the Premium range of Spotify can use Spotify Connect. With Spotify Connect you can stream music to compatible speakers, home entertainment systems or even in an Uber taxi.


Spotify works on Android, iOS, and windows phone devices as well. But the laptop and desktop users don’t need to be dissatisfied as they can also listen to their favorite beats as Spotify supports OS X and Windows.

Web player

Thought you can enjoy the latest music but making the playlists in the web UI is not easy and even you can’t sync songs for offline playback here. Also, it doesn’t support podcasts, which have become a big part of the mobile and desktop apps.

Excellent: 4.5 out of 5

Review of Apple Music


Apple Music surpassed 10 million subscribers in just six months, since inception in June 2015. There were expected 40 million subscribers as of April 2018.


Apple Music gives a free three-month trial which is a reasonable time to judge any service before subscribing to it (though not charged, you still have to give your credit card details).  After that, you will be charged $9.99 per month for a single membership and the $14.99 for the family pack (for up to six people using iCloud Family Sharing).  The college students can get the monthly subscription for $4.99 for up to 4 years.


The customers need to upgrade their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iOS 8.4 before getting unlimited access to Apple Music. Mac and PC users will need to upgrade to the newest version of iTunes. Apple Music has introduced SIRI, a guide to play a specific song, album or playlist that you have created.  The best feature of SIRI is that it can search the music by date, for instance, ask SIRI to play the best song of the day your son was born and it will follow the instructions.

Good: 4 out of 5

Difference between Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify and Apple Music

Number of Songs

Amazon Music Unlimited provides a lesser collection of songs to choose from as compared to Apple Music and Spotify who have more than 30 million songs on its catalog.

Customise playlists

The customers can get personalized radio stations based on artists and the tracts you prefer, in both Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify. You can ask Alexa to play your favorite song, for instance, you can ask Alexa to play the best party song of 2017. You can also customize your playlist according to your mood in Spotify using Spotify Connect.


Amazon Music Unlimited can be played through the Echo devices, Fire devices, Sonos multi-room systems and in BMWs and Minis. On contrary, you have to use Spotify Connect, a device used to play music by connecting it with speakers, home entertainment systems or even in an Uber taxi.

Can be used offline as well

You can listen to the music offline both in Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify. It comes as a basic feature in Amazon Music Unlimited, while you can only download songs from Spotify if you sign in with the Premium package.

Which one is better

Every music service provider has its own pros and cons; one may have a feature which other might not have. For instance, Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world with the ability to stream up to 320kbps, far better than that of Apple Music. Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited are not compatible with Chromebooks until the listeners’ do some work. On contrary, Spotify is fully compatible with Chromebooks and web products.

In terms of subscribers, it will not be wrong to say that Amazon is in the third position far behind the music-streaming giants Spotify and Apple.

Initially, Spotify is cheaper for its service than Apple Music. You can get free ad-supported listening, which is not available in Apple Music. In terms of charges, Amazon Music Unlimited is relatively cheaper, and if you have Amazon Echo smart speaker devices, you will be charged $3.99 per month. Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Echo devices go hand in hand, so if you are comfortable using the Amazon ecosystem then Amazon Music Unlimited is a must for you.

Amazon Deals of the Day – Best Deals in 2018

Today online shopping has gained a lot of popularity because of the eye-catching deals attached to it. There are various advantages of shopping through web portal as you can avail the best deals from a wider platform showcasing different products without visting the stores personally. But which is the best e-commerce company you can select from the available so many options is the first question that arises in the mind of every tentative customer. You carefully have to look for the best deals without compromising on the quality of the product as it matters a lot. Here at Amazon you will get plenty of offers to choose from, also you can view the best deals of the day, which is available on some particular day under the category “Amazon today’s deal”

Viewing “Amazon today’s deal” is very simple. You can view the deals by choosing the following steps:

  • Visit www.amazon.com
  • Click on the today’s deal column, it will take you to the following next page.
  • From there you can choose the department you want to shop in.
  • Amazon has made your work easier by filtering the search option; you can choose the desired amount you want to spend.
  • There are various deals naming deal of the day, lightning deals, savings & sales, coupons and Amazon prime early access deals.

Amazon Lightning deals

You can avail up to 75% off on various products in different departments under the Amazon deals of the day offer. These prices are offered on a particular day only. The following products are some of the best products that are offering great offers under best deals on Amazon today.

Products Prices under Amazon today’s deals Savings Actual price
Travelling Belt With RFID blocking sleeves for daily use $13.45 $12.37 (48% discount) $25.82
Hausbell Projector $55.29 $41.70(43% discount) $96.99
MediKit Deluxe First Aid Kit $6.99 $4.00(36% discount) $10.99
Dison car charger $12.74 $37.25(75% discount) $49.99
Weight loss pills $12.56 $4.19(25 % discount) $16.75
MediKit Deluxe First Aid Kit $24.65 $5.34(18% discount) $29.99
LiBa’s Mildew Resistant Fabric Shower Curtain Waterproof $8.68 $21.31(71% discount) $29.99
Professional Art Kit $15.00 $4.99(25% discount) $19.99

Apart from the above mentioned deals there are numerous products offering lesser prices under Amazon daily deals. You just have to be a smart alerted customer to garb the best prices that are offered on a particular day in a particular time period only.

Additionally, you can fetch huge discount on various products in Amazon daily deals. Some of the department offering discounts are listed beneath:

Amazon deals of the day

Art, craft and sewing- at flat discount of 50%

Under Amazon lightning deals of the day, the customers are assured a minimum of 50% on all of the art, sewing and craft products. These products are a necessity that is required by every school going child, the minimum prices starting as low as $5.50. Even a teenager requires the craft and sewing material for different purposes.

Baby clothing and accessories at discount up to 60%

Babies don’t settle with just few pair of clothing, these tiny tots requires the clothing and their matching accessories in numbers. So we need the best prices for this as we want our little ones to look best during every occasion. In Amazon sale today, you can get flat discount of 50% on all the brands and can grab the accessories on discount of up to 60% to pamper your little ones.

Camera and photo get cash discounts worth $10-$15

We always want to cherish our memories by saving them for our future. Pictures are our bundle of joy that can be recollected in the future. In Amazon deals of the day, you can get great deals on camera and photo frames, discount ranging between 20-30%. Further, you can avail cash discounts worth $10-$15, if using Amazon promo code today.

Beauty products staring at $6.50

All want to look presentable and attractive irrespective of age and sex. Amazon understands your desire to look gorgeous and is thus offering the beauty products for both men and women at a lower price staring $6.50. Some of its best products being offered at lower prices under Amazon sale today are as follows:

  • Pack of 6 headband sport bandana at $7.64
  • Magnifying mirror at $12.74
  • ArtNaturals teeth whitening charcoal powder at $10.49
  • Wazor hair dryer at $9.99

Minimum 70% of on all Men’s clothing

All men want to look presentable be it a office meeting, a weekend date with their loved ones or any quick escape to their favourite beaches, they want to look refreshing on every occasion. Now with Amazon today’s deals you are entitled to a flat discount of 70% on your favourite shorts, tees and even on the formal dressing required for your long hectic meetings.

Assured 50% off on all women’s clothing

Women require different dresses for different occasions. You can get a complete range of colourful and vibrant coloured clothes to brighten up your festival Enthusiasm. Also, to enjoy your motherhood, Amazon is offering best priced maternity dresses at Amazon daily deals that gives you the best comfort in your happiest moments. Give a new look to your wardrooms by choosing the right maternity dresses at a flat discount of 50%.

These are just a few offers among various which can be opted. The customers can also get some other attractive deals on electronics, books, women clothing, and grocery to name a few from Amazon daily deals. You can also use the Amazon promo code today to know about some other existing offers as well.

Amazon Today’s savings & sales deals

This is another category of the Amazon today’s sale. You can save your money by a handsome amount under this category.

Category Discounts
Electronics Save up to half, by paying 50% lesser price.
Cell phone & accessories Save 40-45% by using Amazon coupon codes.
Gift cards Flat 60% off on selected Amazon eGift cards.
Home products Save 10-15% on the products
Sports & outdoors Save 20% on selected fitness products under Amazon sale today.

50% off on electronic appliances:

Electronics are must household items that are required by everyone as we cannot imagine our lives without electronic devices. Get discounts of flat 50% on almost all the electronic products be it a latest cell phones, televisions, fridge, washing machines or any devices required in your kitchens. So seize these products in Amazon today’s deals.

60% on gift cards

When it was the last time you send any gift cards with your message written on it. If you don’t remember the dates then this Amazon sale today is definitely for you. You can send the eGifts cards to your loved ones by paying 60% lesser amount on it.

Home products at pocket friendly prices

Is your home products outdated or out of fashion, then this Amazon sale today is for you only. You can get a complete range of products required to make over your home according to your preferences. You can buy a complete range of food containers, pillows, mini cooling fans, air purifier, garment steamer etc at very feasible prices.

Sports and outdoors

It is a right saying that health is wealth; and if you are a fitness freak then you can’t afford to miss the deals at Amazon deals of the day. Buy sports products including water bottles, safety glasses, lantern flashlights, bags etc at an discount of up to 20%.


You can get the attracted deals using the coupons available on the Amazon site. How to use the coupons:

  • Click on the today’s deals on the top of Amazon website.
  • You can view all the departments and can choose the best product required.
  • Then click on the clip coupon button.
  • Add the favourite item in to cart. You can then redeem the coupon there.
  • Make the payment and enjoy your shopping.

There are various coupons available which can be used under different category. For instance you can use Amazon promo code today, Amazon sale coupons etc to pay much lesser price. Amazon also gives you the option of cash rewards coupon which can be used at the time of choosing cash on delivery option.

Prime early access deals

Apart from the above mentioned deals, there are various deals for the smart and active customers as well. Under this deal, the prime members of Amazon will get the prime early access deals in which the offers will be open one hour before the actual time. The prime customers will be given the privilege to shop before the actual hours of the deal so that they can grab the best deals at the earliest. They will be informed through messages about the pre start of the deals. Also the top 100 early customers will be pampered with surprise gifts as well.

So stay alert to get the best deals. Here at Amazon, we believe in providing the best deals to all the categories of our customers. Be it a school going child, a professional mother, a caring father, our grandparents or any other. You can pamper yourself by shopping the best products for you which you might be thinking of buying but could not afford it earlier due to the higher prices attached with it.  So cherish all your dreams by shopping under Amazon today’s deals

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

This year Amazon Cyber Monday will be celebrated on Monday, 26 November. The main agenda of initiating Amazon Cyber Monday deals is to promote online sales by many folds by offering attractive deals and discounts on almost all the products on a range of categories like electronics, smartphones, fashion, home appliances, and more with discounts up to 60%.

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals 2018 Highlights

Category Expected discount to be offered
Clothing Flat 50% discounts
Shoes Flat 60% discounts
Food & Grocery Start at low as $5
Toys Cashback worth $20 using amazon cyber Monday code
Electronics Discount ranging from 20-30%
Books Free shipping on books of certain deals under Amazon Cyber Monday deals

Amazon has some very good deals on electronics in store for you which you can’t miss out in the upcoming Amazon Cyber Monday deals on TVs. Following are some of the best deals on television which will be offered in the approaching Amazon Cyber Monday sale.

Amazon Cyber Monday TV Deals

Sony 55-Inch Ultra HD Smart LED TV

amazon cyber monday deals

  • Enable to use the application and content effectively
  • The dimensions of the TV are 48.4″ x 27.9″ x 2.4
  • You can voice control your TV with Alexa feature
  • Features Alexa which can be purchased separately
  • Buying one can fetch a lesser price on other selected products
  • Original price: $1699.99
  • Expected discounted price:$998.00
  • You can save up to 41%

Samsung 65” Smart LED TV

amazon cyber monday deals

  • Original price: $978.00
  • Expected discounted price:$898.98
  • You can save up to 8%
  • Free shipping

TCL 32” smart LED TV

amazon cyber monday deals

  • The dimensions of this product are 28.9″ x 17.1″ x 3.2.
  • Access to over 4,000 channels showing more than 450,000 movies and TV episodes.
  • Comes with clear picture quality
  • The 60Hz refresh rate permits fast action scenes can be viewed with lesser motion blur.
  • Original price: $199.99
  • Expected discounted price:$159.99
  • You can save up to 20%
  • Free shipping

LG Electronics 65” Ultra HD Smart TV

amazon cyber monday deals

  • Has inbuilt wi-fi of 802.11ac. You can view your preferred application and content using webOS 3.5
  • Its HDR gives you a crystal clear picture view.
  • It includes 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 RF, 1 composite, component shared w/ Composite, 1 ethernet, 1 optical, 1 RS232C (Mini Jack).
  • Expected discounted price: $2596.99
  • Further provides cash back reward which will be disclosed at the time of Amazon Cyber Monday TV deals

Amazon also provides some pocket-friendly deals on laptops. Understanding your needs, Amazon is coming with exclusive deals on laptops in best Cyber Monday Amazon deals that urge you to buy the product without affecting your pockets. Some of the best upcoming deals on laptops are as follows:

Company Discounts
HP Up to 30% discount; cash back to be disclosed at the time of Amazon cyber sale
Dell Discounts up to $200
Lenovo Cash benefit of $100 on a purchase of a second product of the same brand.
Acer Discounts ranging between 10-15%

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals on Books

Books are very important parts of our life, being a constant loyal friend books never fail to ease or take us to a completely different world. Amazon Cyber Monday Deals keeping that very thing in the mind has some of the incredible deals on the best sellers and the most sought-after books.

With a huge discount on Kindle and hard copies, here is the list of some most popular books under this category.

Cyber Wars: Hacks that Shocked the Business World

amazon cyber monday deals

Cyber Wars gives you the dramatic inside stories of some of the world’s biggest cyber attacks

Author: Charles Arthur

Rating: 5 out of 5

Kindle price: $17.17

Paperback price: $19.95

The Best Cook in the World: Tales from My Momma’s Table

amazon cyber monday deals

This book is a treat to your stomach. This is the New York Times Bestseller book

Author: Rick Bragg

Rating:5 out of 5

Discounted price:$21.71

The Boy on the Wooden Box: How the Impossible Became Possible on Schindler’s List

amazon cyber monday deals

Author: Leon Leyson

Rating:5 out of 5

This is the New York Times Bestseller book

Discounted price:$9.69

Apart from the above-mentioned deals, there are some very attractive deals available on Amazon Kindle which you can purchase using Amazon cyber Monday promo code in the coming Cyber Monday. According to the expected deals to be announced shortly, the customers will further get cash rewards on making purchases of books (in numbers) of the same author.

Top products to buy in the upcoming Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

Amazon is giving the option to purchase goods below $10 from best Amazon Cyber Monday deals. The products with lesser MRP are easy to buy and are required in numbers by the customers, thus giving feasibility to the customers to buy them.

Some products will also get the free shipping as an added advantage in Amazon Cyber Monday deals. Some of the products with the best deals that will be sold on Amazon Cyber Monday are as follows:

1. Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Cover Case

  • Animal design print attracts your guests.
  • Easy to wash
  • Soft to use for kids.
  • Price: $3.07; free shipping
  • Rating:4.6 out of 5

2.Leather Change Purse

  • Two snap lock pockets for safeguarding your money.
  • Size of the purse is 5.25″ x 3.5″
  • Price: 9.97; free shipping
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5

3.Tide Travel Sink Packets

  • A renowned name in the laundry segment.
  • Good for travel purpose; light in weight
  • Price: 4.58; free shipping
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5

4.Champion Men’s Classic Jersey Ringer Tee

  • 100% cotton product; easy to wear on a hot day
  • Easy to wash in a machine
  • A must fit for men who believe in comfort a top priority
  • Original Price:$17.00
  • Available in various vibrant colors.
  • Expected discounted price:$9.61( 43% discount)
  • Free shipping

5.PenSee Mens Tie

  • Brand: PenSee
  • Finest stuff required dry cleaning.
  • 100% handmade item
  • Ideal for gifting purpose.
  • Expected discounted price:9.99
  • Free shipping

6.Galaxy Avant Case

  • It is a lightweight cell phone case safeguarding your phone
  • Front panel allows keeping your phone with the screen down without damaging the screen.
  • Can be designed according to your personality.
  • Comes in several colors
  • Expected discounted price:$6.9Free shipping

7.Mini car charger

  • This fast car charger enables you to be connected with your loved ones even while traveling
  • Using 24W / 4.8A USB car charger you can charge your mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod, HTC, Galaxy, Blackberry, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Mobile Phones.
  • Easy to operate
  • Discounted price:$7.99
  • Rating:5 out of 5
  • Free shipping as well
  • Can charge two devices together at full speed with 5V 2.4A of dedicated adaptive power output per USB port.

8.Finger Ring Watch

  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5
  • Free shipping
  • Comes with an extended two-year warranty
  • Discounted price:4.99

9.Customised Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

  • Comes in an attractive stainless steel body
  • You can write personalize a message for a maximum of up to 8 Lines.
  • Comes in four different colors: stainless steel, golden, rose golden, black
  • Discounted price:6.99
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • Ideal for gifting purpose
  • Gift wrapping also available

10.Eason Eyewear for women

  • Ideal for hot summer days
  • Comes with a plastic frame with a plastic lens
  • Discounted price:4.99
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Ideal for gifting to women
  • Gift wrapping also available

We don’t get such attractive deals on the products which are relatively lesser in cost, but at Amazon, we can fetch some great deals on the products having lesser MRP also. The customers will also get some cash rewards also while opting for the cash on delivery option.

Site wise deals in Amazon cyber sale

Amazon apart from giving you the best deals in the coming Amazon Cyber Monday sales is offering the best medium to choose for payments. There are several following ways in which you can choose to make the payments for your purchases:

Amazon pay wallet

  • It is the paying wallet of Amazon.
  • You can transfer your dollars in the Amazon pay wallet
  • The money can further be utilized for making the purchases.
  • This account will be valid on the grand Amazon cyber Monday also.
  • To encourage the customers to participate in mega Amazon Cyber Monday, the company will give cashback rewards of $50 on immediate second purchase through Amazon pay wallet using Amazon cyber Monday codes.

Credit/debit cards

Credit/debit cards are required by almost everyone for completing their transactions. But every time you think of paying through your cards you get worried about the huge interest charges attached to it. To offload all your worries, Amazon is coming up with various discounts and deals in the approaching Amazon cyber Monday.

According to the expected deals, the customers will be given EMI option without charging any rate of interest from them. So that means that you can pay every month without paying any extra cost for it.

Cash on delivery option (COD)

Even the customers who are not carrying any bank’s cards neither have the Amazon pay balance account can take part in the splendid cyber Monday Amazon deals. The customers who are paying cash on delivery will be entitled to some gifts as well. There will be a lucky draw for the customers opting COD and if the selected winners will get the gift prizes.

Top Products to Buy on Amazon Great Cyber Monday Sale 2018(in all sections)


Apparels Deals
Women apparels (office hours) 40-60% discount
Gym workout for women Starting as low as $17
Men apparels (office hours) Flat 60% discount
Party wear (men) Minimum 50% discount

The above are just a few deals in the selected category. You can select your style from 1000+ brands, that best suits your personality. On some selected range of products, you can get discount up to 80% as well. As this will be the grand Amazon cyber Monday so discounts on fashion should also be grand.


Brands Discounts
Clarks 40-60% discount
Kate Spade 20-30% discount
Skechers Up to 80% discount
Steve Madden 50-70% discount
Crocs 50-70% discount
Stuart Weitzman 15-20% discount

Shoes are the most important item in your wardrobe that should be carefully chosen. In the coming Amazon Cyber Monday sales, you will get pocket-friendly discounts on all the available brands.


Category Discounts
Office furniture Save up to 32%
Bed & Bathroom furniture Save up to 57%
Living room furniture Save up to 65%
Game and recreation room furniture Save up to 70%

Apart from the above-mentioned deals, there are several other deals on furniture that will be revealed at the time of sale. You will get very handsome deals on sofas & couches, living room furniture, television stands, sofa tables, kitchen & dining room furniture among others. These are just the approximate discounts; the best one will be revealed later. You can also use Amazon Cyber Monday coupon code at the time of making the payments. So hurry up to grab these best deals.