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Amazon “Rekognition” a boom or a curse?

Amazon, the leading internet retailer across the globe, has forayed into surveillance business as well. The one stop shopping destination for the people across the globe has recently tied up with the law enforcement agencies in Oregon and Orlando in providing facial recognition tool. The company claims that its face recognition software named Rekogntion can help in detecting, analysing and comparing faces from a larger segment of user verifications. The company claimed that it can help in eradiating the crime by putting the criminals behind the bars; as its Rekognition can suspect’s criminals involved in any kind of criminal activity by identifying their photos and videos.

The company offers the services to anyone and everyone through its giant cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services. Through Rekognition the company appealed to identify up to 100 people in a single picture, a very effective tool to identify criminal in large crowds, like a protest, ralley, strike at swarming places such as crowded departmental stores, metro stations, markets etc.

The Orlando Police Department in Florida has asked Amazon to provide its surveillance service for helping solving criminal cases. According to a report published in GovTech in 2017, the sheiff’s department in Washington Country, Oregon has forayed into a contract with Amazon under which the latter will provide a surveillance excess of any crime captured on cameras to the former. According to a report stated by Chris Adzima (a senior IT analyst with the country), the government database contained approximately 300,000 pictures of 200,000 people; which is now operated by Amazon Rekognition system to keep a watch on the activities which can hamper the peace and harmony in the country. So this service might help in stopping the criminal activities up to some extents; as it will easily detect the person with criminal mind-set even in a crowd as well.

It is rightly said the technology has its advantages and disadvantages as well. Recently the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and a group of other civil liberties and social justice organizations have asked Amazon to immediately stop allowing its face recognition service named Rekognition to the police and government agencies. It is debated that this service will lead to a mass surveillance of the people who are not involved in any criminal activities at all. No innocent citizen will prefer to be watched by the government all the time. The service is posing a great threat to communities (especially smaller in size) including their colour and immigrants, who have come from outside, by showing them as criminals which can worsen the political conditions in the country. The study conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed that the gender of darker-skinned women was misidentified several times by face recognition software. ACLU believes that Amazon is entering into surveillance market without much knowledge of it with a motive to earn profits.

It is not that the Amazon is providing image recognition service for the first time; it already exists in the society. There are some unknown security providers who are offering these services to the police, but Amazon is well known company who is activity marketing this new face recognition service. On defending the company, one of the unnamed spokesperson of Amazon web services said the company is abiding the set rules and regulations and is offering a general image recognition technology. The technology helps in identifying people, objects and activities; many amusement parks have used the service in finding the lost children of their customers.

The advantages of face recognition far exceed the limited disadvantages attached to it. It does not necessarily means that the people identified in facial recognition system are the criminals only. According to the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law estimations, there are more than 130 million American youth in facial recognition databases which can be considered in solving the criminal cases. The Department of Homeland Security is using this service in locating foreign visitors at airports who are staying in the country without the valid visas. Recently, Orlando Police Chief- John Mina said that this is just a testing project and no civilian has been involved in it so far. He further added that the government will never use this technology in tracking innocent civilians, immigrants, activists, or people of different colour.

The City of Orlando is exploring Amazon’s face and video recognition to safeguard the interest of people. They are finding the best ways to increase the safety of people and removing the crime from the city.

So this initiative by Amazon might help in solving the criminal cases in the country. It is already an established company with not requiring any extra money from some unlawful deals.

AWS : All you need to know about Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides infrastructure services of Information technology to business in the form of Web Services which is called as Cloud Computing. The major benefits of cloud computing are cost efficiency, reliability, unlimited storage and easy access to information. AWS are highly reliable, scalable and has low cost infrastructure that assists a large number of organizations.

Global Infrastructure:

AWS has millions of customers in more than 190 countries. It is steadily expanding global infrastructure to help its customers achieve low latency and higher throughput and to ensure that the users data resides only in the region they specify. AWS will provide infrastructure that meets the global requirement even though their scale of business expands. It is build around the Regions and Availability zones. A region is any location in the world that have multiple Availability zones. It has benefits like highly availability, fault tolerance, and scalability. Isolation of Regions from the other Amazon regions provides greatest possible fault tolerance and stability.

AWS provides you the facility to store the data in multiple geographical regions and is designed as an independent failure zone. Availability zones are physically separated within a typical metropolitan region and are available in areas where the risk of floods is less. AWS has additional facilities like UPS and onsite backup generation facilities.


Why are Amazon and Walmart going crazy over Flipkart?

The e-commerce giant of United States is moving against the world’s biggest retailer to take control of India’s largest e-commerce firm Flipkart. Though Flipkart is in advanced talks with Walmart Inc, on selling a majority of its stake, Amazon may submit a rival offer to buy the Flipkart, which is the largest e-commerce site in India. Amazon is planning to expand its dominance in India’s booming online industry. Amazon had early exploratory talks to buy Flipkart but a deal with Walmart is most likely.

Both Walmart and Amazon are currently engaged in advanced talks with the Flipkart. Walmart has already completed more than half of his procedure and is hoping to acquire a stake of 40% or more in Flipkart. The current value of Flipkart is around $12 billion, so the proposed cost Walmart could spend might be around $5 billion. If this deal works out, it would give both Flipkart and Walmart some much-needed lead against Amazon. Walmart will also get a chance to access the growing consumer case in India.


Amazon is planning to buy Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce company?

Amazon, the leading online giant is planning to buy Flipkart which is India’s largest eCommerce Firm. Flipkart is in advanced talks with Walmart Inc, for selling a majority stake. Amazon is planning to expand its dominance in India’s booming online industry. Amazon had early exploratory talks to buy Flipkart but a deal with Walmart is more likely. Is it true that Amazon is planning to buy Flipkart?

According to the reports, Flipkart’s chances of a deal with Amazon is low and any such deal could raise the eyebrows as both these eCommerce firms dominate India’s e-commerce market. Amazon has declined to comment about chances of Amazon’s probability of buying Flipkart.


Amazon Vs Donald Trump Tax War

President Donald Trump has been calling the Amazon company a “scam’ claiming that it pays little or no sales taxes. The claims may not be accurate, but any efforts to curb the Online Giant will likely backfire, giving Amazon another win. According to the recent report, Trump is highly obsessed with Amazon and is looking for ways to take Amazon down.The Amazon vs Donald Trump tax war would be interesting to watch.


Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video: Which video streaming service wins it big?

Which is best?

Moving along with the digital era, the two big video streaming services that everyone is addicted to these days are Netflix and Amazon prime! Both Amazon Prime and Netflix provide selected content like films, TV shows, and original shows with full seasons to the viewers to enjoy their time binge watching. Both providing licensed original series and amazing quality videos, the two ships are at war for viewers. Both provide a wide range of plans and subscriptions with content being the king. Netflix vs Amazon Prime war is raging the storm.

Price Comparison: Netflix vs Amazon Prime      

Both Amazon Prime and Netflix are subscription services with special perks. Both Amazon and Netflix provide free trials and thereby charge from their customers. Netflix and Amazon prime charge at the beginning of your billing cycle. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime mandates signup, Netflix requires Netflix signup while Amazon Prime requires Amazon Prime membership.

Free Trial:

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both provide free trial on their subscription plans for their viewers to experience their streaming service. Amazon Prime Video provides a 30-day free trial to all the eligible Amazon prime members and likewise, Netflix also provides a 1-month free trial before it starts billing.

Student free trial

Many companies provide special discounts and deals to students, but it is quite surprising that Netflix does not have any special deals for students.

Amazon Prime provides a 6-month free trial for students. As the name itself speaks it is a unique membership program for all college students. Under the Prime membership, students receive a free trial for a generous period of six months which can be canceled anytime, this deal includes streaming of movies, songs and Tv shows that’s available on their platform.

Amazon Student Membership students are eligible for FREE two-day shipping on millions of eligible items, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, access to hundreds of playlists through Prime Music, and access to unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos. Unless you cancel, after you graduate or at the end of the fourth year of your Prime Student membership, whichever comes first, your subscription will automatically renew on its anniversary date into a full paid subscription for Amazon Prime at then-current rates.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Subscription options


Netflix provides a range of options with their plans. There are 3 plans to suit your needs. The number of screen trial period, quality of the video etc., depends on the plan you choose.
•    Basic plan: 1 screen plan with standard definition
•    Standard Plan: 2 screen plan with  HD
•    Premium Plan: 4 screen plan with HD or Ultra HD
•    DVD Plan: All Us customers can sign up for a DVD-only plan or add DVDs to their current streaming plan.
As mentioned above the first month is free for all members and if you still use the account then the billing cycle begins.

 Specifications Basic Standard Premium
Price after the free trial ends $7.99 $11 $14
HD available No yes Yes
Ultra HD No no Yes
Screens you can watch at the same time 1 2 4
Watch on your laptop, TV, phone, and tablet Yes yes Yes
Unlimited movies and TV shows Yes yes Yes
Cancel time Yes yes Yes
First month free yes yes Yes

Netflix also provides DVD and Blu-ray plans as well unlike others, these plans start from $5 and go up from there. These plans also are charged on monthly basis.

Plan Starter Standard Premium
DVD price $5 $8 $12
Blu ray Price $6 $10 $15
Total discs per month 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Discs out at once 1 1 2

Amazon Prime Video:
Amazon Prime Video can be accessed through Amazon prime membership, you can get access to thousands of shows, including TV shows, original shows, documentaries etc., You can also rent or buy from a huge collection of movies and TV shows. You can watch videos on your compatible devices like:
•    Smart TV
•    Gaming console(PlayStation ,Xbox)
•    Fire TV
•    Prime Video on your app
•    Fire phones and tablets
•    Set–up boxes (Roku, Google Tv, TiVo)
One can purchase Amazon channel subscriptions to Showtime, Starz, and other streaming entertainment channels through prime video. Prime video is available for:
•    Paid Amazon prime members
•    Amazon 30-day trail members
•    Members of Amazon Household with shared prime benefits
Amazon prime charges $12.99 for monthly prime memberships. Annual membership for prime members is $99 while the annual price for student members is $49.

Netflix Vs Amazon Prime: Which streams better

When we compare Netflix vs amazon prime Video, Netflix has been reigning for quite some time now, but Amazon prime is no less. Amazon prime has been increasing its territory with brand new shows, original series etc.,
Netflix has a wide range of shows from originals to documentaries of all genres which is quite flawless while amazon prime is improving for users in terms of compatibility. Both Netflix and Amazon prime can be streamed with Wi-Fi or mobile internet on any compatible device.

Better TV shows?

When you consider a to have a binge-watching session on TV shows then Netflix might be a fairer option. Though both services provide original shows, drama and comedy Netflix have taken the lead considering different show it provides.

  • Narcos, stranger things and shows as such have surely increased Netflix game. Also, a show like Jessica Jones is building a gritty shared comic book universe while Comedy shows like Bo jack Horseman, love grace and Frankie are to die for while Amazon Prime might not have made such an impact with shows like Betas and Alpha house.

On the other side amazon prime has started a different approach to an entertaining audience and increasing its base with award-winning shows like Mr. Robot etc.,

  • With Amazon taking a different approach and Netflix providing a wide range of shows it is quite a task to judge both but Netflix is clearly a winner.

Netflix Vs Amazon: The one with a better video quality

Netflix provides different types of video quality based on the plans that users choose which include standard, HD, Ultra HD etc., The newest video quality launched is HDR which stands for high dynamic range.

Amazon was before in its by launching HDR with shows like Mozart in the jungle etc., One advantage of Amazon prime is that it does not charge extra for the video quality.

Amazon Prime vs Netflix

Though Amazon Prime has four times more movies than Netflix and Originals like Transparent, there are not many good ones, unlike Netflix. If your solely buying Amazon prime video, it is not worth it. Netflix is the king considering the jaw-dropping TV shows and original at great quality.


Amazon: LinkedIn’s Most loved company

LinkedIn, a Professional networking site released the Top Company list 2018, naming the place where the employees desire to work and what they like and think about their respective companies. This year, online giant Amazon secured No. 1 place in LinkedIn’s Top company list. LinkedIn stated that each company was a provided a score based on the behavior of the people in the social media. LinkedIn used about 500- million member’s data were used to analyse the companies. LinkedIn took the parameters such as number of Job Applications, the number of users who viewed company’s career page. Amazon scored 7.59 out of 10. The list also features companies like Alphabet, Facebook, Tesla etc.


Amazon Go: A Future Store Already Reality in Seattle, Washington

Amazon Go is one of the high-tech Grocery stores which has no checkouts. It is launched and owned by the Online Giant Amazon. It is advanced shopping technology where the customers need not have to stand or wait in the line. You just need Amazon Go App to enter the store and can grab the products that you want and leave the shop without any checkouts. It’s just like a Walkout shopping experience where there are no checkouts. Amazon Go is located in Seattle, Washington which was opened to the public on January 22, 2018. Some of the products that available for sale in this store are prepared foods, limited groceries, meal kits and liquor. It uses several technologies like computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensors to automate processes like purchase, checkout, and payment. Amazon spent about more than four years for creating this system. While Amazon Go is already a bit old, Amazon Dash is a new entry in its world.