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Amazon Treasure Truck : Discounted Deals Drive into your town.

  • Amazon Treasure Truck is a service which is offered exclusively for the users of Amazon.com app. Treasure Truck offers the users with discounted daily deals.
  • Treasure Truck program was first started in Seattle in 2016 and is now hitting the road to spread enticing surprises all across the United States.
  • Each Treasure Truck is filled with one of the Amazon’s best new, trending, or local items at a time.
  • Amazon describes Amazon Treasure Truck as a unique and fun-filled way to shop. When the truck is ready to drive into the town, the customers will receive the text alert spilling the beans on that day’s treasure.
  • Each Amazon Truck offers surprise deals and the customers will have to act fast as there will be only limited stocks on the truck.
  • Customers can select the Treasure Truck product through the Amazon App. After selecting the product, the customers can choose for the convenient time and place for the collection of the ordered products.
  • Amazon Truck deals provide you with unexpected offers on the items which are exclusively made for Amazon truck, trending tech, delicious food and amazing deals on limited edition items etc.,
  • In addition to truck deals, Occasional celebrity appearances, interactive games, special seasonal games, events and prize distribution are some of the other things thrown in to brighten up the day.

What Exactly is Amazon Treasure Truck?

  • Amazon Team Members hand-pick the one must- have items such as tech trends, outdoor essentials, fresh foods etc., and pack it onto the Amazon Treasure Truck and then send out text alerts on Amazon Truck offers to reveal the truck deals and lets you know when they will be cruising around the town.

Amazon treasure truck

How do Purchases with the Treasure Truck Work?

  • It is actually a 4-step process
  1. Sign Up for Amazon texts
  2. Amazon Hand picks a must have item
  3. Daily offer is revealed through a text
  4. Customers buy the item through the app and pick it up at the truck.
  • You can buy the offered deal through the Amazon app by sampling clicking on “I want this” and selecting your pickup time.
  • Once you complete the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with the truck’s address.
  • You can then pick up the discounted item in person.

Canceling Purchases and Returns:

  • If you decide to cancel your order, you can seamlessly do so by tapping the “Cancel Order” button in the Amazon App.
  • And If you somehow miss your pickup time at the location, you need not worry because Once the pickup window you selected has expired, your order will be automatically canceled and you won’t be charged.
  • The Above features stand out as one of the major benefits of the Treasure Truck.

Amazon Truck Deals:

  • One of the Interesting thing about this Treasure Truck is that you will never know what deal will be offered until that specific offer day.
  • Amazon Truck offers could be on the products that are new, local, trending or delicious.
  • Amazon Truck deals range from large $5 pumpkins which were sold in Seattle around Halloween last year to high-priced TVs, tablets and Laptop computers.
  • Amazon Truck offers also provides offers on locally made products, holiday-themed gifts, trendy merchandise, hard-to-find items and fresh seafood.
  • Previous items on the Treasure Truck have included
  1. GoPro Hero4
  2. Hatchimals
  3. Polaroid cameras
  4. Huawei Tech Products
  5. Isotoner gloves
  6. Greenies
  7. Free Food
  • In addition to good deals, the Treasure Trucks also comes with tons of memorable experiences too. Each time you visit the Amazon Treasure Truck presents you with surprises and entertainment.
  • Some of the interesting events that happened in the past include
  1. Samba Dancers and for one lucky customer, a free trip to Rio
  2. A mini pumpkin patch delivered to the heart of the city
  3. “Star Wars” cosplayers
  4. A 2-ton steak to celebrate the Treasure Truck’s birthday
  5. An All-time Low Performance
  6. Free Pint Slices from Ben and Jerry’s
  • The Treasure Truck will also visit the Whole Foods parking lots across the country, selling the things that the Food shoppers might be interested in.
  • The Truck Deal involves cooking appliance, Instant Pot and the shoppers who buy this will also get a coupon worth of $10 or $40 off on purchase at Whole Foods.

Amazon Truck offers good deals and fun for all categories of the people. If you want to know when the Amazon Treasure Truck will be rolling near your city, make sure to sign up for the text alerts. Customers Interested in Treasure truck can text “TRUCK” to 24193 to receive alerts about the Amazon Truck Deals.

Where are the Treasure Trucks?

The Treasure Trucks are now operating in 25 cities across the following states:

State Cities
Arizona Phoenix
California Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego
Colorado Denver
Florida Miami, Orlando, Tampa
Georgia Atlanta
Illinois Chicago
Indiana Indianapolis
Massachusetts Boston
Maryland Baltimore
Minnesota Minneapolis
New York New York City
Oregon Portland
Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Tennessee Nashville
Texas Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio
Washington Seattle

Treasure Truck operates many but not all the days in a particular city and covers around three to five stops, Lingering at each stop for a couple of hours.

You can join this unlimited fun with a few simple sets. All you need to do is to download the free Amazon App on your Smartphone and click on “Treasure Truck” by tapping “Programs and Features” on the main menu.

You can sign up for all the Amazon Truck deals and Amazon Truck offers text notifications. You can sign up for daily text messages or app notifications at amazon.com/treasuretruck.

By Signing up for these alerts, you can always stay in touch with Amazon Truck deals and know when something new is loaded on the Treasure Trucks.

Amazon Treasure Truck is a promotional tool for the online retail giant. The vehicle drives around different cities, providing you with big deals on certain items. Amazon Treasure Truck provides you with unique shopping experience along with exciting offers and surprises. Have an exciting shopping with Amazon Treasure Truck.