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Amazon: LinkedIn’s Most loved company

LinkedIn, a Professional networking site released the Top Company list 2018, naming the place where the employees desire to work and what they like and think about their respective companies. This year, online giant Amazon secured No. 1 place in LinkedIn’s Top company list. LinkedIn stated that each company was a provided a score based on the behavior of the people in the social media. LinkedIn used about 500- million member’s data were used to analyse the companies. LinkedIn took the parameters such as number of Job Applications, the number of users who viewed company’s career page. Amazon scored 7.59 out of 10. The list also features companies like Alphabet, Facebook, Tesla etc.

These are the reasons why Amazon is successful over the years.


1. Management:

Amazon was started on 1995. Initially Amazon sold only the books. Within a month the company started to sell the books to more than 30 countries. This shows the kind of Intention Amazon had at that time. Amazon has unique Resource Management Team Lead by Jeff Bezos which is the primary reason for the success of company. CEO Jeff Bezos is considered as the mastermind of Amazon’s success. Though he faced failures initially, he didn’t hesitate to take chances. He kept encouraging his employees to think Out of box. Amazon motivated their employees by providing the competitive pay, Insurance, retirement savings plans and also offered around 20 weeks of paid leave and innovative benefits such as Leave share etc., Amazon also offered 90% of the tuition and book fees for employees training on upcoming technologies. As a result, a speaker called Amazon Echo was launched by Amazon in 2015. Amazon contributed for nearly 26% of all speaker sales in online. This shows the Management skills of Amazon.



2. Innovation:

When Amazon was started organizations like Alphabet Flipkart, eBay etc., were making Billions of online sales. But the thing that made Amazon unique was Innovation. Amazon launched Kindle, though it didn’t beat other e-readers, Amazon become popular among the people. Amazon keeps coming up with Innovative products and Services periodically, which is the reason why Amazon is rated as one of the top organization. Such a product is Amazon Flow. This application allows you to capture the picture of the products and once you captured, the product will be added automatically to the Amazon’s shopping list. Innovations like this kept improving Amazon’s market consistently.

3. Customer Service:

This is the parameter in which Amazon rates consistently high all the time. Amazon always meet up with their customer expectations. They always treat their Customers with special interest and care because, Amazon believes that meeting up with the Customers expectation helps in growth of the company rather than competing with other competing companies. One of the important success factor of Amazon is the Customer Service strategy. Amazon do it better than all other retailers in the market. This is reason why Amazon is successful over the years.

4. Execution:

Amazon always gets things right when executing the customer orders. Amazon ensures that they select the products and services that their customer needs. Also, Amazon have the distribution centres in all over the world, that allows them to deliver the products on time. Once the customer makes a purchase, Amazon makes sure that the products are delivered on time and updates their customer with the shipping details of the product they ordered. Amazon also provides a faster delivery options to their prime users where their product will be delivered within a day or two. Amazon offers their customers with various deals and discounts throughout the year like New Year sale, Black Friday sale etc., As a result, Amazon acquired most of the Online Sale market. Last year, Amazon started their first physical store in New York last year because of the huge positive response that they got from their customers. This shows the rank of Amazon

5. Diversification:

Amazon is the place where you can find anything starting from Books to nuts. Initially, Amazon offered only Books, but now they carry products in all categories like Electronics, Health, Beauty, Automotive, Grocery, Clothing etc., One of the huge success of Amazon is that they sell almost all the products of all the categories. Amazon sells more than 200 million products. Once on a day, about 26.5 million items were sold worldwide which is record-breaking 306 items per second. Also, reports state that Amazon has 310 million active customers globally and sells over 480 million products in USA. These statistics clearly show the popularity of Amazon among the people.

6. Fear Factor:

Amazon is the Organization that does that they plan without any fear. The lack of fear is what made Amazon one of the highly ranked companies across the globe. Amazon was started at the time when the success rate was not certain. Amazon worked with their own framework which allowed them to claim the way top of the Internet food chain. Amazon was largely benefitted by the no fear approach of Jeff Bezos.

7. ” IN IT TO WIN IT” Mindset:

Amazon is the company that is highly successful for past 15 years. Initially, when Amazon was started, there was no profit over the period of time. Amazon first gained its profit in 2003 with the company adapting “into it to win it” mindset. From then, there was no looking back for Amazon, as they started to gain profit every year. Much like the success of Apple belongs to Steve Jobs, Amazon’s success is closely related to Bezos. His attitude of keep moving forward enabled the company to heights that no other Online company can reach.

The important part of Amazon’s culture is the Intensity. The strategy of continuous evolution has allowed Amazon to reach higher ranks. The website that once sold Books now sells anything and everything, this shows the success of Amazon. This is because Amazon acquires the top talents, which makes them launch the products without any internal delays. Amazon also cares about their employee’s health which is one of the highlighted quality of this organization. All these things have made Amazon as one of the leading Online Company.