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Amazon Dash Buttons – Reviews, Hacks | August 2018

Amazon has established itself as the global leaders in E-commercial business yet it strives like a true champion to provide better service every odd day. For a customized solution to clothing they bought Amazon Wardrobe or for the daily supplies Amazon Pantry, Amazon Kindle bought the ultimate revolution in reading world with the simple motive of genuine ebooks at affordable price yet environmental friendly. And now we have the ultimate next generation shopping facility through Amazon Dash Buttons.

Amazon Dash buttons are customized and tailored products to help the customer buy the exact choice as they wish to. Amazon Dash Buttons are available in 2 ways:

Dash Buttons(HARD version)

You just forget to order her favorite candybar and you have no option to return home only to be scolded.RELAX! Amazon Dash buttons will take care of your worry through prompt service and efficient delivery.

  • The WiFi enabled version of Amazon Dash buttons to ensure that you never run out of your favorite stocks at home.
  • This is available in Amazon at just $4.99 and the best part is it’s completely made for you.
  • Dash Buttons look like a tiny box with a button to enable ordering your favourite items. It is completely wireless and operates in a pretty efficient manner of order-only basis.
  • It remains in sleep mode and just wakes up to send signal if the dash button is pressed, they come with a adhesive back so that you can stick it and remain at the most convenient place within your access.
  • Amazon Dash buttons are connected with your cell phone/tablet/PC only for an enhanced security feature that if any order is misplaced you can cancel them from your device of access within 30 mins of the order confirmation.
  • You can avail a first time credit of $4.99 when you buy your favorite dash button from Amazon which means first buy is free buy.
  • Amazon Dash buttons are only applicable for Amazon Prime customers and if you are one then you can avail your order with ease and grace.

Dash Buttons(SOFT)

Now this is where the twist in tale lies. Why go for the hardware when you can have all in software. If you are an Amazon Customer with a valid Prime subscription then it’s your lucky day mate! Time to avail the luck;

  • Amazon Dash buttons(SOFT) or simply Amazon Virtual Dash buttons are the latest you actually deserve.
  • When you buy something, just ship it along with Prime and you can avail the respective dash buttons in your account for free. Next time you want to order them, just go your account and click on the dash-buttons and you have your order confirmed.
  • You can access them using any device where Amazon is supported and the best part you don’t need to worry about extra hassles which come with the HARD ones.
  • Amazon dash buttons come with the secure feature and customized varieties based on your preferences and order.
  • You can also use ALEXA, Amazon’s personal AI assistant and let her do the requirement of filling your cart with all you need. Just say, HELLO to Alexa and you have your favor done.


How does Amazon Dash buttons function?

  • Amazon Dash buttons are developed based on every single product and for every single category only for your own benefits.
  • You can order anything you want at just one click if you have access to Amazon Dash buttons.
  • Each dash buttons display the logo of the concerned brand and incase there are two products from the same brand Amazon will take care of them to customize according your need.
  • Amazon Dash Buttons consist of a round button like feature which can be clicked to reorder your stuffs or the left bar with logo brand only to avail the required information before you give it a try.

If you want to buy that Pringles sour cream and onions, just open Amazon, locate your dash buttons and one click to order.

How to avail and use Amazon Dash Buttons

When you buy your favorite products from Amazon just use Amazon Prime to proceed through the order protocol and after you have placed your order successfully, you will be provided with the choice of adding your favorite dash-button in your account. Just CLICK TO ADD YOUR DASH-BUTTONS and it’s done. You can only use this feature if the product is available under free Prime shipping else no!

To use your favorite dash-buttons you can either locate them manually from Accounts & List menu of Amazon website or navigate through the Amazon mobile applications OR simply turn to ALEXA, find my dash-buttons and you will have them by next moment. Just click to order and confirm them also you can cancel if there is a misplaced order.

Amazon also has the service of highly intelligent UI that can automatically add dash-buttons to your account in-case there is a favorable pattern of ordering a product that is regularly ordered.

Amazon Dash-buttons user policy

This is pretty important as a lot of customers prefer the old way of manual orders but again technology has been availed only for your mutual benefit. Let us browse through those regulations;

  • You can delete your Amazon Dash buttons when you consider you don’t need them but for any accidental mishap Amazon provides an Undo option to make sure you don’t lose what truly is made for you.
  • You can arrange your dash-buttons in any preference by using the drag and drop option available and set them as per your choice. Sorting is an extra benefit that you can avail using the relevant filters provided only for your benefit.
  • You have the assorted freedom even to name your favorite dash buttons by your own nomenclature and experience the advantage of customized usage.
  • If you are using Amazon Dash buttons device which are WiFi enabled, Amazon will create an automatic virtual dash buttons too and you can order from anywhere you like to.
  • Amazon Dash buttons can only availed under Amazon Prime subscription and they are not applicable on anything other than prime certified products.
  • Amazon Dash buttons are non-transferable and limited only to one user at a time and it ensures that only one order is applicable/time and won’t take advance till the last delivery is complete.
  • You can also make the access more user-friendly by using DASH BUTTONS ON ECHO


Amazon Dash buttons Reviews

Amazon Dash buttons were unveiled just before the All fool’s day and as expected the naysayers at a field day making FUN out of it. But that is what people do for a living, let us address the real issue in hand.

How Useful is Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon Dash buttons though an revolutionary technology yet it faces competition against the very odds of human nature. Man being a social animal have always enjoyed in exchanging pleasantries and that is how markets, supermarkets and Malls have come into existence.

Amazon Dash buttons on the other hand is providing the experience of super-marketing but in solitary yet efficient manner. It aims to remove the extra headache of leaving a schedule for buying supplies from the nearest departmental store and simply strives to provide the best as per one’s requirement but neither paying any extra nor the futile waste of time one has to face due to old and weary conventions.

If you are planning to buy a pack of Tide or a dozen of Red-Bull cans, simply use the Dash Buttons and you can have your stuff in no time. With busy schedules and a lot to be done, why not sacrifice the old habits of queuing in a departmental store for hours and on.

Amazon Dash buttons Pros

Why do you deserve Amazon Dash buttons amidst all, here are the reasons worth giving a try:

  • Revolutionary technology along with efficient service from a company who had defined American Dreams in just 2 decades of Inception. From being a shady bookstore to the Global Guru of A-Z essentials, the novelty factor is completely binded with reliability and who can you trust more than Bezos when it comes to serving quality!
  • Gen Z is too busy to stick to the conventions of ordinary lifestyle and where can you get your orders delivered at your will! Thanks to Amazon, quality is guaranteed and any  mishap will get you a free exchange without any questions asked!
  • Long gone the days of making list before you hit the gas to reach your nearest store. Just use this Dash buttons and avail your favorite as many times you wish to.
  • If you are worried about buying your stuffs as you are too amnesiac to avail them, set an alarm using Alexa and you will have your stuffs at the best possible deals.
  • Made for the ultimatum in shopping experience and from here it’s a whole new world of utilities and you can avail them whenever, wherever you want without paying any extra chips!

Amazon Dash buttons Cons

Even the Spartans had weakness in their lines and that made them Immortal! Beyond 1000 pros there always lies a significant cons which makes the product applicable only to a limited class. Let us browse, where did Amazon Dash buttons lack;

  • Though revolutionary yet the idea is much like Bolt-from-blue. In Spite of Amazon’s promise of smooth service this is one technical maze and it takes more than a literate person to operate it.
  • Typically built for the young generation who considers solitude is bliss, it failed to reach the major class of folks who prefer to live by the day motto. No one with a limited income would be stupid enough to act like a spendthrift in availing this shitty, little gadgets.
  • Pretty complicated in terms of technicalities. Instead of simple operations, it appears the Dash button device which is WiFi enabled often malfunctions due to technical errors hence causing unnecessary embarrassment for both company as well as customers.
  • If you have the reputation being casual in daily life, this ain’t for you. You may bleed bucks if you don’t keep a count on what you buy as the prices in Amazon are not constant and depends on the customer demands and stock availability. You may end up paying double what the price is supposed to be at your nearest store.
  • The most odd lies in keeping such devices at home as they look completely out of place given you are ready to accept occasional embarrassment for all those irritating questions asked!

Amazon dash buttons – Hacks

Now there are pros and cons but truly said, Exception states the rule! For all those technical geeks out there, you can truly permanent your field day with a bit tailoring and thanks to your skill in hand YOU CAN USE DASH BUTTONS TO ORDER WHAT YOU LIKE!

  • Though pre-programmed from Amazon but legends always make their way. A simple hack through its coding system and given you know the flawless art of forgery you can buy a Pizza clicking on a Tide Dash button from Amazon.
  • You can use it as a stopwatch or timer in-case punctuality is a problem for you.
  • Send personalized text messages or simply tune in to teach your friends SARCASM with some cool and harmless Rick-rolling.

All you need to do is activate your grey cells and some hand jobs to feel ecstatic round the clock!

To have absolute control over the Amazon Dash-buttons, you need to do 3 crucial deals;

  • Configure the coding to disable automated orders. Use python or similar programming to tailor your demands and you have just set your priorities and Amazon Dash buttons will follow them as told.
  • Control the ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) which is much like the address of your internet connection and configure it as per your benefits.
  • Maintain a strict spreadsheet in order to manage your orders at ease and enjoy your day by ordering whatever you like through this Amazing Amazon Dash buttons hacks.

Amazon Dash buttons is a technology ahead of time. Though, it has started as fledgling under the Global Brand but pretty soon with awesome deals and out-of-box service, it’s just a matter of time before America chooses to DASH BUTTON!