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Amazon Prime Video: Best Deals,Updates & Comparison

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix vs Hulu: A Comparison of the Best Streaming Services

Hulu, Amazon Prime video, and Netflix are some of the best video streaming service providers. Extensive on-demand content options are available on these services at relatively affordable prices. Among the favorites, we can count Amazon prime video, amazon prime video app android, and Netflix as pretty popular. Amazon also provides the amazon prime video app.

You can also enjoy the prime content on the amazon prime video player. The amazon prime video app android version is available on most devices supported by Android. Also, students get to reap huge deals as they are provided amazon prime video free for six months.

Amazon Prime Videos vs Netflix vs Hulu Price Comparison

Below is a comparison between Amazon prime video which can be viewed on amazon prime video player or on amazon prime video app android, Netflix, and Hulu.

Video streaming Service Price (per month)
Amazon prime Video $11
Netflix $11 (Standard plan)
Hulu Plus $8

The Prime video of Amazon or the Amazon prime video app comes in two versions. You can avail the Amazon Prime Video or the amazon prime video app subscription at $11 per month or an annual pay of $99. If calculated that way, the prime video yearly membership makes it $8.25 per month. Other perks may include deals and discounts on select merchandise, cloud storage, and free shipping of two days for purchases made on their website. You also have the option to view their videos on amazon prime video app on Android devices.

The Hulu Plus package comes around $8 per month. For the commercial-free package, Hulu will charge you about $12 per month which is worth it unless you are ok with commercials.

Netflix’s subscription deals range from $8 to $14 depending on your requirements. The standard plan of HD of Netflix will cost you around $11 per month.

Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix vs Hulu Free Trial and Plan Comparison

Below is a quick comparison of the free trials by amazon prime video services, Amazon prime video app, Netflix, and Hulu.

Video streaming Service Free Trial and Plans
Amazon Prime Video 30-day free trial
Netflix 30-day free trial
Hulu Plus Seven days free trial

Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Video App: Amazon Prime Video has a 30-day free trial deal. You need to provide the credit card details to avail the trial deal. While you log in to amazon prime login, you can select the “do not upgrade” section in your Amazon prime video account or in the amazon prime video app. Once you do that, your trial of the amazon prime video or the amazon prime video app will end automatically after the 30-day period, and Amazon Prime video will not charge you.

Netflix: Netflix also has a 30-day free trial deal for new users. However, you have to share credit card details to avail the free trial. In case you do not want to sign up for the membership plans for Netflix, you have the option to cancel the account by phone or via online. The basic, the standard and the premium are the three plans Netflix deals. The Basic plan starts at $7.99, the standard at $11 and the premium at $14. You also have the option to sign up for their DVD-only plans which will let you have DVDs on rentals.

Hulu Plus: The Hulu Plus deals seven days free trial membership. In case you do not wish to sign up for the paid membership, you need to cancel it before the period of seven days. If you fail to do so before time, Hulu Plus Video services will charge you for their monthly package. However, the company has come up with coupon code deals of three months free membership in the recent past. Keep a watch on such deals and before going for them, do evaluate them against the deals on the amazon prime video player or on the amazon prime video app.

Content Comparison
Here is a content comparison guide for you to choose the best from among Amazon Prime Video or the amazon prime video app, Netflix and Hulu.

Netflix: It currently has the best selection. Netflix provides thousands of titles for its users. Sony, BBC, Starz, FOX, NBC and many more contribute to the Netflix library. It has around 25,000 titles in its library.

Amazon prime video: Amazon prime video or the amazon prime video app has comparatively lesser titles, but it is fast catching up. Amazon prime video and Amazon prime video app show many recent releases. Amazon prime video has around 5,000 selections to choose which can be viewed on the amazon prime video app too.

Hulu Plus: It has licensed content deals from NBC, MTV, Fox, Disney etc., with a constantly updated library. It has around 10,000 titles.

Audio and Video Quality Comparison
All three services, including the comparatively new video streaming provider Amazon prime video, include streams of 1080p, Ultra HD resolution of 4k and HDR streaming. Amazon prime video is a great choice in this case as it provides 4K free of any extra charges while Netflix does not. Hulu Plus also gives the same without any additional costs. To avail the ultra resolution, you need to have a compatible 4k Ultra HD television set.

As for the audio, Amazon prime video has 5.1 encoding on select videos and shows. Netflix provides users with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 on most of the selections. Netflix also provides 7.1 encoding on specific titles. Hulu Plus at the moment is offering stereo sound to its users on its content.

Compatible Devices Comparison
Here is a comparison of the compatible devices for you on which you can access these video streaming services:

Amazon Prime Video: It has lesser options compared to Hulu Plus and Netflix. You can view shows through Internet-compatible TV, Roku, Kindle Fire Tablet, Blu-ray player and amazon prime video app on Android phones or Ios phones.

Netflix: It has extensive compatibility among the three. You can view titles via PC, internet compatible TV, Roku, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo, Nook, Android and iOS devices

Hulu: It ranks just behind Netflix as it provides broad compatibility almost same as Netflix does and thus has more options for it users. But it is yet to provide compatibility for Blu-ray players and internet-based TVs.

Other Features:
All the three services have newer and attractive features to its users.

For instance, Netflix gives a commercial-free streaming which makes it an attractive choice. Also, it provides customized recommendations of titles to its customers based on their past ratings. Amazon Prime video also provides titles free of commercials. Hulu Plus, on the other hand, is not free of ads though. The commercial-free package of Hulu Plus comes at $12 per month.
To add more to their incredible service, Amazon provides its prime video members shipping free of cost and exciting deals and discounts in case of any purchases made on their e-commerce site. Also, Amazon prime video and amazon prime video app has the option to directly surf prime instant video on the webpage of Amazon and on the amazon prime video app.
Amazon prime video scores more with students with their amazon student discount packages and deals. Students receive a more extended period of amazon prime video free trial membership deals and other discounts for shopping on Amazon under their prime membership. Netflix does not have any such separate special membership deals for students though.
Regarding the speed of each service, it depends on the speed of the internet connection you have. If you have poor internet connection speed, then you may experience buffering and poor video quality.

You need to take the call:

These three services have extensive options for the consumers. Netflix is an excellent choice but comparatively costlier among them especially when you go for the DVD library membership. Amazon prime video although new to this sector, but is catching up fast. Also, the yearlong membership of the Prime video makes it an affordable option. Amazon also gives other perks for its members which you won’t get it on Netflix or Hulu Plus. The Hulu Plus though provides a great selection and comes next to Netflix. But if you are not going for the $12 monthly plan of Hulu, you need to bear the commercials in between.

Never mind, you always have the option of free trials with each of them. Just try them out once each and choose the best for yourself.

Amazon Prime Video : Upcoming & Top TV Shows and Movies.

When Amazon launched its Amazon Prime services, the company wanted to give their customers an opportunity to save some scratch on shipping cost and provide them with Amazon coupons. As the service gained a massive subscription base, the company added its incredible perks such as Prime Pantry, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Instant Video etc.

  • Amazon Prime Video is one of the services provided by the Online Retail Giant Amazon for its Prime members.
  • With Amazon video, you can buy and instantly watch movies and shows. All you need is the prime subscription and a device that can connect to the Internet.
  • Amazon Prime video can be accessed through hundreds of streaming devices such as computers, Smartphones, and Smart TVs etc.,
  • Prime members can watch thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost with Prime video.
  • Prime Video is available for Paid Amazon Prime members, Amazon Prime 30-day trail members or Members of an Amazon Household with shared Prime benefits. You need to spare $99 to become the prime member for the span of one year.
  • With Amazon Prime membership you get a handful of deals such as Free Two-Day shipping for eligible purchases, Prime Video, Prime music and much more.
  • Also, Amazon provides an exclusive Prime video membership which is a monthly plan that gives members access to Prime videos. Prime video members are not eligible for other benefits such as Free Two-day shipping that is available to Amazon Prime members.
  • The monthly charge for Prime video is $12.99. Amazon also provides a free Prime Video trial for 30 days.
amazon prime video
amazon prime video

Best Deals on Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is one of the best deals on the Internet offered by Amazon US. You need to spare $99 to become the Prime member. There are so many benefits aside from free shipping such as free movies, free books, and free photo storage. The following are the Amazon Prime deals that you could make use of:

  • Get the Free Trail: Like all other Internet Services, Prime Subscribers can sign up for the free 30-day trial. You can avail this free trial by providing the payment details and if you want to cancel you have to do it manually when the trail ends.
  • Go Monthly: If you want the Prime membership only for short duration, you can signup for a $12.99 per month subscription.
  • Get Six Months Free: Students can get the Prime Student Membership free for $49 which is the discounted version of Prime, but you have to be a student with a .edu email address to qualify for this deal. Also, Amazon provides a  Six-month trial for this Prime Student Deals.
  • Amazon also provides discounts for the customer with EBT card, bringing down the monthly fee down to $5.99

Top Movies on Amazon Prime Video US:

The following are the 5 best movies which are exclusively available on Amazon Prime right now. From new Oscar winners to classic titles, movies of all genres are available on Amazon Prime Video Deals.


  • The movie Moonlight directed by Barry Jenkins will always be remembered for winning the Academy Award for Best Picture.
  • The story is set over the three eras in a young man’s life as he grows up in Miami, grappling with the sexuality he feels makes him even more of an outcast while searching for guidance from his drug-addicted mother can’t provide.
  • The film is both lyrical and moving and won many awards such as Best Supporting actor award for Mahershala Ali as a drug dealer.

IMDb Ratings:


2.  Arrival:

  • Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival is a classic sci-fi movie which tackles the humanity’s first contact with an alien species. The story gets a lift from the protagonist’s personal struggles, which provides a relatable emotional undercurrent.
  • The story begins when an alien spaceship appears at 12 locations around the world. The U.S. Army enlists linguist Louise Banks and Ian Donnelly to approach the aliens. Bank studies the alien’s language, hoping to understand them.
  • Arrival is a thoughtful film, a sci-fi tale that withholds easy answer.

IMDb Ratings:


3.  Mystic River:

  • Mystic River is a movie that proved everyone that Clint Eastwood is a talented actor.
  • It is a haunting and beautiful story, which focuses on three childhood friends who reunite later in life as a result of a murder investigation which involves one of their teenage daughters.
  • This story is based on Dennis Lehane’s novel. Though the profanity is rampant and the tone is dark, the Oscar-winning performances by Sean Penn and Tim Robbins will leave you amazed.

IMDb Ratings:


4. Raiders of the Lost Ark:

  • This Steven Spielberg film is about Indiana Jones who is an archaeologist with a flair for the dramatic and a fear of snakes.
  • The film sees Jones tasked with finding the mysterious Ark of the Covenant and garnered heaps of critical praise when it first debuted.
  • The film is filled with groundbreaking special effects, art design, and cinematography. It is a watershed adventure film that set the standard for the other Hollywood films.
  • It sits at the No. 2 spot on Empire’s list of the best movies of all time.

IMDb Ratings:


5.  The Killing of a Sacred Deer:

  • This movie is an inventive thriller directed by Barry Keoghan which portrays a young man who shares a mysterious relationship with a heart surgeon.
  • When strange things begin to happen in Steven’s family, his connection to the young man proves to be important and worrying.
  • It is an intensely psychological film with some truly scary scenes that will shake even the most tenures horror fans.

IMDb Ratings:


Top TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video US:

This period of time is considered as the Golden Age of Television. There are many excellent series that you can stream on Amazon Prime Videos. Amazon Prime has a fantastic television show line-up such as yes all, Catastrophe etc. The following are the best Television shows that are available on Amazon Prime

1.The Expanse:

Created By: Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby

  • The Expanse is a different series entirely which was adapted from James S. A. Corey’s award-winning series of sci-fi novels.
  • The Expanse is set 200 years in the future during which the humanity has colonized our solar system.
  • The best sci-fi must use the practical technology with a realistic limitation and the complicated relationships that arise when it comes to people and politics which The Expanse does this exceptionally well.

IMDb Ratings:


2. The Tick:

 Created By: Ben Edlund

  • It is a Super Hero series that has found the way to stand out from the similar storylines and emphasis on dark or gritty takes.
  • The Tick produced a popular pilot and has now been given a full, 12-episode series. It is the half-hour live-action show which focuses on doom and gloom.
  • It is an incredibly weird and unique series for the superhero series lovers.

IMDb Ratings:


3. The Americans:

Created By: Joseph Weisberg

  • It is a ground-breaking spy series which invokes the sacrifice, torment, and severe violence that go into a life devoted to your country’s safety.
  • The series primarily considers identity, and how exactly nationalism inflects onto the people. It portrays how the Russian espionage machine scathed the two agents and the rotten fruits of those painful occurrences.
  •  As the series goes on, you can see how they similarly, psychologically lacerate their own children and how they both investigate.
  • This series delivers the bracing thrills that one would expect in the spy drama series.

IMDb Ratings:


4. Batman: The Animated Series:

Created By: Bruce Timm, Eric Radomski

  • It is considered as one of the best animated series in the history. It paved the way for the current DC comics and Warner Bros superhero universe.
  • This series proved that the character could be marketed to children and adults in a similar way.
  • It is the four-time Emmy Award-Winning series which featured all of Batman’s classic villains.

IMDb Ratings:


5.  True Blood

Created By: Alan Ball

  • True Blood is the television equivalent of a B-movie. It is set in the fictional small town of Ben Temps, Louisiana, True blood picks up in the world where vampires have come out of the coffin.
  • It is the series about blood and good old-fashioned violence. The series goes off the rails at the point where it introduces the weirder monsters.
  • It never lost the seamy histrionics and buckets of blood that made it such a thrilling watch.

IMDb Ratings:


New Arrivals on Amazon Prime US:

The following are the latest TV shows that are available on Amazon Prime videos:

Series Genres IMDB Ratings
Aristocrats Drama | History 7.5/10
The Office Comedy 8.5/10
Sinbad Fantasy| Adventure 6.5/10
Moonstone Crime | Drama 5.8/10
Diablo Guardian Action | Drama 7.2/10

The following are the newly arrived in Amazon Prime Videos:

Movie Genres IMDB Ratings
3 Ways to Get a Husband Romance 7.8/10
40 Days and 40 Nights Comedy | Romance 5.6/10
Back to School Comedy| Romance| Sport 6.6/10
Goldfinger Action | Adventure | Thriller 7.7/10
Thunderball Action | Adventure | Thriller 7/10

Upcoming on Amazon Prime US:

Amazon Prime video deals allow you to stream TV shows and movies on demand. Amazon’s Prime Video Service has been working on plenty of original and amazing content over the past few years. The following are the series and movies that are expected to be available on Amazon Prime.

Carnival Row:

  • It is a fantasy TV series made of with fairies, mythical creatures and creepy killings which are set in the backdrop of a neo-Victorian city.
  • Paul McGuigan who is best known for directing movies will be at the helm of the new TV show. It is expected to have ten episodes.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan:

  • The series is slated to be ten episodes long. This is the first time that FBI agent Jack Ryan will appear on the TV show.
  • This is one of the most expected and long-awaited TV Series which is based on Tom Clancy’s spy novels.

The Lord of the Rings:

  • Amazon has acquired the rights to produce J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” for television.
  • Amazon has already committed to five seasons of this series. This series captures the imagination of a generation of fans which depicts the cultural phenomena through literature and the big screen.
  • This is the most expensive TV series.


  • Amazon is currently working on a new drama named Conan, which is based on the book by Robert E. Howard.
  • The move to create the original show about Cimmerian and The Lord of the Rings points to a big fantasy world-building focus on Amazon.

Sneaky Pete Season 2:

  • Sneaky Pete is a crime drama created by David Shore. It follows the story of Marius, played by Giovanni Ribisi, a convict who is released assumes the life of his cellmate to escape his past life.
  • This is the wise move on Amazon’s part as the first season received a huge positive response from the audience.

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