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Amazon Prime Music : Deals, Coupons and Prices.

Amazon Prime Services provides a lot of benefits for their subscribers which includes Free Fast Shipping for the eligible products, shopping deals, Streaming of Movies and TV shows etc., Amazon Prime Music is one of the services provided by the Online Retailer Amazon for its Prime members.

Amazon Music unlimited provides more songs and additional ways to control what you are hearing. It includes more than 40 million songs. Amazon Prime Music is available on many devices such as Smartphones, Laptops, Smart TVs, Amazon’s Echo Speaker and much more.

Amazon Prime Music Cost:

  • You can get access to millions of songs from Amazon music with a paid subscription. Prime members can instantly access the songs and albums as the part of Prime membership at no additional cost.
  • Amazon Prime Members can join Amazon Music Unlimited for $7.99 per month or $79 for an annual subscription. Non-Prime Members must pay $9.99 per month.
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    amazon prime music

How to Use Amazon Prime Music?

  • In order to use Amazon Prime Music, you need to download Amazon Prime Music app for your Android phone or iOS or simply use the service online on your PC or Mac.
  • Once you have downloaded Amazon Prime Music App, the Prime Music Page will be loaded. It features four categories which are Recommended, Playlists, New to Prime and Popular.
  • Here you can find the songs and albums which you can stream or download.
  • There is a search tab at the top of the page which you can be used to look up for the track.
  • Amazon Provides you with the recommendation list of songs depending on what you have purchased or streamed in the past.
  • In the playlists section, songs are grouped according to the genre, artist and the feeling they may inspire.
  • To access the main menu, tap on the icon that features three lines at the top of the page. It lists three sections namely Prime music, Your Library and Recent Activity.
  • At the top of the Your Library Page, you can choose either Cloud Library or Offline Library options.
  • In the Cloud Library, you can find all the tracks and albums that are stored in Amazon Music Library and that are available online. On the other hand, Offline Library will give you the music that you have downloaded which you listen to when you are offline.
  • In addition to these, there are many more controls and options that are available in this Music App.  If you choose the song and click on the dotted icon on the right side of the name of the song, you can play that song, download it, add to the Library or playlist.

Why Should You Use Amazon Prime Music?

  • Amazon Prime Music is one of the best services offered by Amazon.
  • There are no ads in Prime Music and the music will keep playing until you stop it. It is quite an amazing feature for situations such as the musical game at the party etc.,
  • If you have bought the MP3 or CD on Amazon, then those tracks will appear in your Amazon Prime Music App. So, you can listen to them on your phone from anywhere at any time.
  • It also has the facility to import your music into Your Amazon Music Library. The other Music Libraries and subscriptions will be kept separated, hence your personal music won’t be absorbed by the service. It is one of the interesting features of Amazon Prime Music Unlimited.
  • All these features make Prime Music to stand out from the crowd, as other organizations like Apple and Google won’t give these features.
  •  Also, note that your music collection includes about one million songs. Amazon Prime Music provides a restricted range of choice when compared to Apple Music and Google Play Music which provides more than 30 million tracks.
  • However, Amazon aims to strengthen its Prime Music service and provide you with the platform where you can store all your music in the same place.

How to Get Discounts?

The monthly price for Amazon Music Unlimited is $9.99 per month, though anyone can get a free 30-day trial. There are a few different discounts that are available.

  1. Amazon Prime members are eligible for a discount on the Prime music service. Discount is also available for the members who subscribed for a 30-day trial of Prime or student six-month trial. Amazon Prime Members can choose between two forms of discount.
  • An Upfront $79/year Subscription: With this Amazon Coupon, you get the music service for full 12 months even if you leave Prime. Amazon confirmed that if you sign up for the Prime Music while you are on a Prime deal and then can cancel prime, you will still get to keep Amazon Music Unlimited for the rest of 12 months.

To avail, this deal, sign into your Amazon account and if you are prime Member, you will be offered the discount. If not, your subscription will start with a free 30-day trial.

  1. Subscribe for Just $3.99/month with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot: Amazon’s Bluetooth speakers Echo and Echo Dot are eligible for discounted Amazon Music Unlimited at $3.99 per month. However, you can use this discounted plan via a single Echo or Echo Dot and not on any other devices such as your Laptops or Smartphones.
  2. Family Plan for Six Users at $14.99/month: Amazon is planning to come up with a family plan that will cost about $14.99 per month which will allow up to six users to access the service. This is the same price as offered by Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music etc.
Prime Music Amazon Music Unlimited Amazon Music Unlimited Echo Amazon Music Unlimited Family
Track Library 2 million 40 million 40 million 40 million
Offline Playback Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supported Devices All All Echo/Echo Dot All
Standard Price N/A $9.99/month $3.99/month $14.99/month
Prime Customers Price Included $7.99/month $3.99/month $14.99/month

Why Choose Amazon Prime Music Streaming Service?

There are plenty of other Music Streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google play music and much more. With Spotify, you can get a lot of values as a free user. But if you upgrade to a paid account, you get a handful of advanced functionality. But Amazon’s Prime Music stand out in the following ways.

Amazon Prime Music was launched in the year 2014 to compete with other music streaming services. Though it lacked in some of the cool features possessed by other streaming services, there are several compelling reasons why you should go with Amazon Prime Music.

1. The Subscription is Really Cheap:

You can get the Prime Music through an Amazon Prime Subscription, which is about $99 for the entire year which is equivalent to $8.25 per month. This is insanely cheap when compared to its competitors.

The other Streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music have the same price of $10 per month.

Amazon Prime Music is the cheapest option.

2.Great Features:

The developers of the Amazon Prime Music app have implemented all of the features that make the services like Spotify, Google Play music as useful as they are.

Prime Music can be accessed through a Mobile Apps for Android and iOS, Web Player. Its design is more straightforward than other Web players which are very practical.

Its user interface is easy to navigate, no matter what you want to do, it is never more than a few clicks which are not possible in most other Web players.

Prime Music’s Desktop player is also really good in terms of usability. It feels more or like a mobile application that was properly adapted for the desktop use. It has an easy navigation and soft dark theme that is pleasant to the eyes.

3.Relevant Music:

Amazon Prime Music has a collection of about 1 million songs which you can stream instantly. It is way short of the 30 million songs available on other services like Spotify.

This is not as bad as it seems because Spotify is available in most countries like America, West Europe etc., which means a lot of their songs are foreign to U.S audiences. But Amazon’s Prime Music is mostly aimed at the U.S audiences, hence even though the collection is small, it is more relevant.

4.Better Audio Quality:

Songs are delivered to you at the bit-rates between 48 Kbps and 320 Kbps which is higher than the average standard of 256 Kbps. You can choose between the following four settings:

  • Low: Lowest bit-rate uses the least bandwidth.
  • Medium: Balanced between bit-rate and bandwidth usage
  • High: Highest bit-rate but uses the most bandwidth
  • Auto: Changes depending on your network quality.

5.Get More than Music:

With Prime Music, you can get more than music “The only music streaming service with free two-day shipping”.

If you are the Prime Member you can avail all the benefits such as Free two-day shipping, Prime Pantry, Free cloud storage, Prime Photos, Prime Video, and Music etc.,

Prime Music is a fantastic option for the people who consider themselves to be the die-hard fans of the other similar services. If you have the Amazon Prime Subscription you should check out the Prime Music right away and if not, sign up for the free trial. Amazon Prime Music deals include the lower price tag and the extra benefits are the strong reason to subscribe.

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