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Amazon Echo vs Dot: Alexa-Enabled Beasts

Amazon initially sold only books. This changed very soon and they are house to a whole lot of amazing products. Later, Amazon started to create digital voice assistants that can be operated through your voice. These assistants have the capability of switching on your lights or reading the news. These digital assistants will effectively to all your queries if you can just say the word “Alexa”. We are bringing to you a review of Amazon Echo & Dot. The Amazon Echo vs Dot war is on.
Amazon Echo is a device that can be controlled with your voice. Echo can call your friends, play music, provide you with information, news, sports scores, send and receive the messages by connecting to the features provided by Alexa. “Alexa” is the word that is used to turn on the device and once it wakes up, Echo responds instantly. It can also control the all the devices that are available in our smart home. Echo requires an Internet connection to work, even a low-latency Internet connection is enough. Even when Echo is playing music, it can hear you simultaneously which is one of the best features of this device.

Echo Dot is a device that can be operated by your oral commands. This is a device which has a built-in speaker and it is completely hands-free. It can connect to the headphones or speakers that are in your room through WiFi or Bluetooth. Amazon Echo Dot delivers good-quality sound to the speakers you choose. Amazon Echo Dot works in the same way as Amazon Echo. Also, you can request the Dot to play the artist or song or request a specific genre which is favorite to you. It also has the facility to search for the song by its lyrics and can set the music alarm. Dot provides facility to control Pandora.
Both Amazon and Echo Dot is powered by Alexa. Alexa can solve math problems that are complex, and play songs based on your request etc., It has built-in good quality omni-directional microphones, thus Alexa is audible from anywhere in the room. Both Amazon Echo and Echo Dot has almost same functionality. Amazon Echo vs Dot is a war to have a look into.

Amazon Echo vs Dot
                                                                             Amazon Echo vs Dot

The following are the main differences between Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.
1. Portability:
Echo is 3.5cm and Echo Dot is 3.3cm in diameter which is almost similar. But, Echo is taller and heavier than Dot. Echo is cylindrical in structure, on the other hand, Dot is more or less circular in shape. The weight of Amazon Echo is about 1.8 pounds and the weight of Echo Dot is less than half a pound. Thus, clearly, Amazon Echo Dot wins in terms of Portability. You can take it easily to any places and place it anywhere you desire as it does not occupy much space.
2. Sound Quality:
Both Echo and Echo Dot have a speaker that is built-in. Echo has a built-in speaker which provides good-quality sound. Plus, the speaker provides crisp vocals and Dolby processing. But Dot has only small speakers and has only less power when compared to echo. Dot’s sound quality is similar to that of smartphones. Dot was developed to play alarm and reply to your queries that you ask and not to provide good -quality sound. These devices have output jack by default, which allows you to connect to the external speakers with the help of WIFI. Thus, in terms of sound quality Echo wins.
3. Amazon Echo vs Dot Aesthetics:
Amazon Echo devices come in Six to eight colors having different finishes. Some Echo devices have a wooden finish, others have fabric, and silver finish. But, Dot comes in just colors namely black and white. You can choose the best speaker that matches with the furniture’s that exists in your home from a plenty of models.
4. Cost:
Cost is one of the primary factors that you consider while you decide to buy any of the Alexa devices. Dot is less than half the price of the Echo, so, therefore, Amazon Echo Dot is the best choice in case of the budget. Echo is available for $80 while Amazon Echo Dot costs only about $30. Also, Amazon provides special deals if you buy multiple Echo speakers at one time for only $20. So, if you want few of these around the house, then this offer will definitely satisfy your wish.
5. Review: Amazon Echo Vs Dot
Amazon Echo has the review of 4.4 out of 5, whereas Amazon Echo Dot has the review of 4.4 out of 5. These devices have almost same ratings on Amazon.
Choose Amazon Echo if…
If you want high-quality sound and willing to spend more money then you can select Amazon Echo. Echo sounds better when compared to Echo Dot. If you want the Alexa device that sounds good on its own then Amazon Echo is the best choice. It can also connect to any of the smart speakers that are available in your home. Echo is the best device. The updated version of Echo can connect to your speaker system through a WIFI or dual band just like Echo Dot.
Choose Amazon Echo Dot if…
If you are a person who wants to save money then go with Amazon Echo Dot as you will get Alexa at $30, which means you save about $50. Though these speakers are louder, their sound quality is not as good as other Alexa devices. But Amazon Echo Dot can actively listen hear your requests and can respond to your queries effectively. Amazon Echo Dot has the ability to connect to any existing sound system with a cable or Bluetooth. It also has customized the sound fit. Amazon Echo is one of the best product which was released by Amazon. Amazon Echo vs Dot is like a fight between two of the bests. Check some other best bluetooth speakers to buy under $30.
The differentiation between the two devices other than size is the Sound. If you are just looking to buy an Alexa device and doesn’t need the speaker to hear music, you will be fine with Echo Dot. It has features of Alexa. If you want to listen to good quality music and want this device to hear quality music, you will need to go with Echo. Also, note that both these speakers can be coordinated to any speakers that are available in your room for sound quality.

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